Monday, October 15, 2012

Some friends stopped by...

And hung around
all smiles
These are so fun to make
real stash busters. 
Jenn and I are cramming them in before the open house.

For those of you that asked
about the pie recipe.

Here is the link.


Six Pies, Some Crafting and Hot Chocolate

Friday night had me making three butternut squash pies
for a gathering on Saturday.
Quite the mess,
I finally got them done
the kitchen cleaned!
Not a kitchen person,
I was glad that was over for the weekend.

Some got eaten,
some were given away
by JWS.

at church,
our pastor asked where his pie was?
Guess I forgot that when he GAVE me
the squash last Sunday,
I promised him a pie.
this Sunday found me making three more
butternut squash pies.

At least this time,
JWS was there to help keep the mess cleaned up.
Crunch time for our Open House.
I am finishing up things!

One last owl pillow waiting to join his friends.

Some homespun lapel flowers.

a bunch of snowmen
ornaments and magnets.

A few more magnets.

Friday morning,
these three were at work with us.
It wasn't long until
all four of us
got kicked out of the shop
and sent home.
After lunch,
we had hot chocolate on the deck.

Then they retired to the chair
to watch a movie.
How could you kick these three out?

Let me tell you,
they weren't this calm most of the time.

Friday, October 12, 2012

How NOT to Grocery Shop

As a prequel to this story,
I am going to start at Monday morning
on my morning walk
I twisted my ankle.
As in hobbling and swelling
had me driving
to my Mother's quilt guild to teach a class
penny rugs.
Well this is the actual story.
was my
DD Day.
(that is Dialysis Driver for those of you that are not regulars here)
Still hobbling,
I dropped my MIL at the dialysis center,
made a few deliveries
and then hit my favorite thrift shops.
One of them is closing...sad day, but off the subject.
Found a few items for the camper project.
For that see
Now on with the story.
I pick Kendall up at the babysitters.
I used to bring her along on some dialysis days,
but we had a few "bad" incidents
after dialysis
and I quit doing that.
Didn't want to traumatize the poor child!
But, things have been better on these runs lately
and when Shelby asked,
I figured I would try it again.
We pick up my MIL
and she gets in the car
informs me that she would like to go to Shop-n-Save.
Now, I hate to grocery shop.
Really hate it.
JWS does the bulk of the shopping in this house.
So, to add a 77 year old
in a motorized cart
a 3 year old
with her own cart...
let's just say,
I could feel the hives starting already.

I have to pull up to the door of the store,
leave the 77 year old and the 3 year old
in the car.
(Not sure if that right there isn't grounds for CYS to step in)
go and check if there is a motorized cart available.
There is
so I boot the MIL out of the car,
go park the car,
get the three year old
out of the car seat
get her in the store,
try to convince her that she is not going to ride in the 15 foot long cart
with the car on the front of it,
make a compromise
with this.
Her own shopping cart.
See that the 77 year old has a lead on us here?
(Remember the prequel of the sore ankle?)

Much of the shopping trip looked like this...
See the blur?
That would be the 3 year old speeding one way
and the
77 year old speeding the other way.
there is not much in the store
that they didn't hit.

the incident that stays with me
there are no pics for.
If you have ever helped someone in one of these carts shop,
you realize that much of the store's products
are inaccessible
to the reach of the person on the cart.

as my MIL was sitting at the yogurt display deciding on flavors,
I tried to scoot into the 6 inch space between the cooler
and the cart
to reach the yogurt....
it was at that point
that the aforementioned ankle
once again twisted...
FELL into the yogurt cooler!
On the way down,
I managed to get a pretty bad bruise
on the side of my boob
where it caught the cart
on the way by.

If all this sounds like it should be on videotape,
I managed to get out of the cooler
only to see Kendall
the 3 year old,
a pack of 18 eggs
getting ready to
not so gently drop them into her cart.
I managed to yell/whisper
so as not to startle her into dropping them,
to please carefully put them back on the shelf.
Which she did...thank goodness.
The rest of the trip
included a glow in the dark bracelet,
orange pop,
some cookies that she informed Nana
that she had to "SHARE"
and a lot of other stuff
tossed in
Nana's cart
while she wasn't looking.

Then we unload the groceries out of the cart(s)
load them into another cart,
take them and the three year old to the car,
load them into the car,
rush over and pick up the
77 year old
dialysis patient
that is going down fast,
head to our next stop,
the eye doctor.
Then home,
three year old
is sleeping,
77 year old is nodding off,
I unload the groceries,
and the
77 year old.
Take the
three year old
back to work with me to finish the work day
what I can salvage of it...

Is it any wonder
I need
adult beverage?

Kendall gets to do her favorite thing at my house...

Thrift store find.

And what I am working on.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Purchases of the day

At the Salvation Army
Butler, Pa
I found these fat quarters.
All of these for $8!

And these old bowling pins...
they are wood.
In this cigar box,
at Butler Antiques
Butler, PA.

Also in that box was this glass egg.
JWS says it was used to put in with
the chickens to get them to lay.

There was also a freebie!

You will have to visit
to see what that was!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Memorable Quotes of the Weekend

The big accomplishment of the weekend was
getting all of the open house stuff from the attic
pricing it. 
My Open House is in less than two weeks.
Usually, this happens the day before.
How nice to have it all done.
Logan's comment,
"Gramma, what in the heck happened to our bedroom?
where are we going to sleep?" 
He must have thought  this was permanent.

Sunday had us on a hayride.
A little cold
but what fun!
Tyler's comment of the weekend.
"I have not been on a hayride like this since 1955!"

Wyatt was not a big fan of sitting still,
but managed to endure
his first hayride!

Logan and Kendall loved it!
Logan picked one of the the biggest pumpkins in the patch!

My camera went dead at this point.
The kids all made these t-shirts.

We printed a white design on white t-shirts,
hung them on the clothesline
the kids sprayed them with dye.
When they sprayed them,
the design showed up.
Let me tell you,
I was a little nervous it was not going to work.
Twenty kids,
ages 1 - 12
spray bottles of dye,
All the makings of a disaster...
but it worked great!

Even the adults got in on the fun!

Here is Kendall in hers this morning.
Kendall's quote when she got to the farm,
"See that cow down there?
It is waiting for me to go and pet it!"

And a few "finishes" of the weekend.
T-shirt rug I have been working on.

Some recipe clips.

Another tavern board

Message board

And some pumpkin magnets.

Slate coasters

I have spent way too much time
camper sites
getting ideas
planning my camper decorating scheme.

If you haven't been following along,
we acquired a
camper last week.

If you want to follow the journey.

It should be interesting!

It will be my winter project.
JWS is buying a golf cart
I am working on the camper.
Quality time in the garage this winter!

I say we will be screaming at one another before December!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Leaf Festival

Clarion, Pennsylvania
has an
Autumn Leaf Festival
every year.
Homecoming at
Clarion University,
car show
Friday morning...
huge craft show.
While I have attended other events
there over the years.
I have never been to the craft show portion.
there were tons of crafters,
but sadly
as most craft shows are going,
there were also a  lot of
manufactured items
that people were swarming to buy.
Honestly, do they really think
that is hand made
when there are
at least
13 booths
with the exact same items?
But ok, I won't get on that soapbox this morning.
I bought this piece of crockery.
Loved the handmade look of it.
There were lots of pottery places with
cookie cutter
but this

So tempted to get on that soapbox!!!

It is also a farmer's market
and I got these fresh grapes.
These concord grapes
locally grown
are my
absolute favorite grapes.
Seeds and all.

a few osage oranges.
Have to keep the spiders away.

We also visited
one of the coolest
antique shops that I have been to
in awhile.
Can't wait to take the girls there!
More of that

There was also the cutest little mini donut maker there.
Of course, I had to have some of those.
The only evidence that I bought those
was a little sugar around my mouth.

Of course the other evidence will be when I am complaining the jeans don't fit!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back in Business

Several months ago,
JWS and I
acquired a camper.
I started a blog
to document the restoration.
But it turned out,
the camper
was not
had to meet it's
depending on who is looking it at,

another camper has surfaced
we are trying again.

Stop over and follow along!
This one is staying!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

History Repeats

Shelby brought me a long forgotten box of pictures.
A lot of time has been spent going through them.
A laugh,
a tear,
places you've been,
things you have seen,
people you have lost,
so many that you are still blessed to have.
Houses we have lived in,
pounds I have gained,
pounds I have lost,
pounds I have found again.
Hair colors I have tried
wrinkles I have earned!

These pics were well worth sharing though.
The little girls above?
Close to thirty years ago
on the
Little Dipper at Conneaut Lake Park.
The little girls below?
Their daughters last summer.



OK, does anyone else understand
why I would
call them the wrong names all the time?