Six Pies, Some Crafting and Hot Chocolate

Friday night had me making three butternut squash pies
for a gathering on Saturday.
Quite the mess,
I finally got them done
the kitchen cleaned!
Not a kitchen person,
I was glad that was over for the weekend.

Some got eaten,
some were given away
by JWS.

at church,
our pastor asked where his pie was?
Guess I forgot that when he GAVE me
the squash last Sunday,
I promised him a pie.
this Sunday found me making three more
butternut squash pies.

At least this time,
JWS was there to help keep the mess cleaned up.
Crunch time for our Open House.
I am finishing up things!

One last owl pillow waiting to join his friends.

Some homespun lapel flowers.

a bunch of snowmen
ornaments and magnets.

A few more magnets.

Friday morning,
these three were at work with us.
It wasn't long until
all four of us
got kicked out of the shop
and sent home.
After lunch,
we had hot chocolate on the deck.

Then they retired to the chair
to watch a movie.
How could you kick these three out?

Let me tell you,
they weren't this calm most of the time.


Sheila said…
Morning Cathy,
really, how could you forget the Pastor's pie??? Is butternut pie made the same as pumpkin? Never had any but sounds like it would be good.
Love all your little ornies and the picture of your helpers....being so calm! ;-)
Have a great week and I hope the open house is a huge success for ya!
Laurie said…
Butternut pie! Really you need to share that recipe with us Cathy! My father made pie from squash once and it was so good, but I never asked for the recipe! I'm glad the pastor got his pie!
Hello Cathy!
I never heard of this pie!
Sounds interesting!
Love all your new creations.
You certainly are busy!
Have a wonderful day!