Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chalk Paint Transformation

Still loving these chalk paints! 
Who knew a box of paint from Decoart
would provide so much entertainment?

This little bench was $1 at the auction.
The little motif on the back?
Another dollar at Michaels. 

Decoart so kindly provided
for me to experiment.
The fabric was in the hoard stash. 

And here was the before. 

Sorry about the condition of these containers. 

Really, I am not the neatest painter! 

And I am off part of today
to paint with two friends.
Packing up my collection of chalk paints for them to play with! 
I have been trying to plan this painting day for almost a year.

Can't wait to spend my day with them! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Such a Funny Little Boy

Two weekends ago 
I had this little boy and his sister for the weekend. 

Let me tell you, 
He cracks me up.  

I haven't had a poop post in awhile,
but have to share his 
Friday Morning Bathroom Comment.

He had quite the bout of diarrhea starting.

The first event was really something. 
His comment while peering at the results?
"I pooped like a meercat!"

Not sure where that came from. 

As a little background. 
He is my daughter's child.
His Aunt Jenn is my step-daughter,
thus no genetic connection. 

After I made a comment to his sister that 
she is looking more like her Aunt Kayla,
her father's sister,
Garren pipes up and says.
"and I look like my Aunt Jenn"

This little blonde fair skinned boy
thinks he looks like his 
clearly Italian heritage
Aunt Jenn. 

The ferris wheel at Idlewild was his favorite! 

We had to ride it  twice. 


The Crooked House
was his favorite place in 
StoryBook Forest. 

He took his VBS songs very seriously,
just like his mother always did! 

And finally,
some random event 
caused this comment 
coming out of a three year old...
"I didn't see that one coming"

Such a funny little boy! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Warm Summer Palette

You have to love the warm colors of summer! 

Warm orangy reds. 

Bright yellows...

some mixed together! 

And the contrast
complementary colors. 
Warm orange million bells
in a blue container! 

Loving summer in Pennsylvania!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Summers always seem so short

Bible School, 
the first week.
Dayton Fair 
the last week. 
Huge commitments of time
on both ends of summer
seem to really 
shorten the season. 
and make it go by at a 
frantic pace.

Add in 
Porch Cleaning
General Maintenance
the summer is gone
did we enjoy it? 

The season is over and we have not...
sat on the porch
rode a ferris wheel
laid in the grass
visited the city
caught lightning bugs
jumped in puddles...
but not this year.

I, for one, am going to 
enjoy it! 

Who cares if the porch is dirty,
the driveway needs sealed,
the garage is a disaster
doors, chairs and tables
are screaming for paint.

If I find that time..ok.
If not,
well that's ok also! 

We are going to 


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


She gets this from her 
great grandmother.

She cleaned out the basket of seashells
 in the bathroom and organized them. 

She gets this from me! 

She dumped the excess glitter
out the window
on to the porch roof!!!

I so get that side of her! 

Nothing better than a little girl running in the clover! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Pics of Picks and Redo's

Thursday through Sunday
turned out to be some really good
picking days for me. 

This nice printed fabric above,

and this stitchery,

both headed to 

And this picnic basket

and the pink duck...

Chalk painted,
courtesy of 
Decoart Americana Chalk Paints
and on my front porch. 

Honestly, I was going to throw the duck away, 
it just happened to be in the lot with the pony planter that I wanted
but figured I would try the chalk paint on it also. 

This lap desk, 
another chalk paint and Decoart stencils
is going to be the new home for my colored pencils. 

And finally, 
Gracelyn saw these peacocks and had to have them!  

Also in that lot was that lovely tureen,jar,candy dish 
behind it that I am not sure what to do with 
but Papa had to buy them for her
"they would look so nice in her room" 
as she put it! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Bulk Bag of Goodies

Another visit to 
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
and some
"can't live without" 

I love the bulk section, 
things you did not even know you needed! 

Like all those little bottles of paint.


I have been buying dowel rods,
these were a bargain thrown in the bag! 

Some seashells for VBS decor,

some gold bars for the treasure chest! 

Vintage dishtowels.

Zinc lids,

and of course,
Golf Balls!  

Always treasures to be found! 

If you are in the Pittsburgh Area,
it is worth the visit!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014