A Bulk Bag of Goodies

Another visit to 
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
and some
"can't live without" 

I love the bulk section, 
things you did not even know you needed! 

Like all those little bottles of paint.


I have been buying dowel rods,
these were a bargain thrown in the bag! 

Some seashells for VBS decor,

some gold bars for the treasure chest! 

Vintage dishtowels.

Zinc lids,

and of course,
Golf Balls!  

Always treasures to be found! 

If you are in the Pittsburgh Area,
it is worth the visit! 



Again, can't wait to see what YOU do with all those things. You got the real zinc lids. I was at Pat Catan's and they have, but boy are they thin!!!!!
And and answer to your question...no I've never tried chalk paints.

You post about the boys was too funny....I know, your not laughing!!! hahaha

Karen Martinsen said…
What fun!
I'd love if we had something like this by us...the paint samples alone were worth the visit.
Great shopping, thanks for sharing.
jennifer768 said…
Wow,lots of great finds.Wish we had such a store around here.Have a blessed day.Hugs,Jen