Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sign at work, sign at home.

Finished one at both places. I finished this one tonight, other than the varnish for Little Miss Kendall. How fitting, in honor of her being one month old and actually due today. The way I look at it, had she been born today we would have just found out her name today and looking at it that way, I am way ahead with getting this done. Logical? I have had this sign waiting for me for quite awhile. It has actually been on the procrastination list. It is done with sign paint and the paint is oil based and gives me a dreadful headache. Officially, this is my last sign painted with that paint. It is just not worth it to feel unhealthy for a sign....priorities!
I am really glad to have this done though, why do I put these things off when it is such a good feeling to finish them, and collect the pay!

The thiings you find & ATCs anyone?

Cleaning and Organizing can be so therapeutic and EMBARRASSING! In the midst of the clean-up, I found this "gift" that I had started for a friend's granddaughter. It had slipped my mind completely about making it. If only I could stay organized! I also ran across this ATC that I had made while my friends were here visiting in the spring. You see, they are into making and trading these little cards and I "humored" them and made one also. They are sneaky little people though, they got my hooked. I kept thinking about this little card and the concept of the trading of them and then it sort of got buried in the rubble of my painting area and the rubble of my mind. Well, over the weekend I found it and while I was cleaning I saw the empty Cheerios box sitting there. Then I found a deck of cards and I remember Les keeping her blanks in a card box. THEN, I found the tote bag full of paper STUFF that I had been making ornaments with last year. It just kept calling me...go ahead...try just one...you won't get hooked. It is just like a drug. Beading sucked me in the same way, so did painting 30+ years ago. Knitting...last winter. I am a junkie! A craft junkie.
So, here are more cards and what a concept! You just create these little cards and post them on this great little, friendly board and people want them and then they send you one of theirs. The really sick thing is that I can see these plaque/cupboard door/window all decorated with these lovely little cards that I am going to collect from all over the world, adorning my painting room wall already!

What a great concept and so easy and quick and creative and the possibilities are endless! NO thought of will this sell? Who will want this? Where am I going to hang/set this? and best of all, When am I going to have the time to dust it?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Before and Afters

The before for this pic was the lazy susan that was in the last post. and the before for this was in another post titled A Big Mess.

Now on to the rest of the clean-up.

After...not a whole lot better but at least I now know what is in there.







Yard sales and a Quick Redo

Yesterday was the annual pilgrimage to the Yard Sales of the Rich and Famous as we like to call it. Actually, I think it was my SIL who first said that and the name has stuck. These yard sales are in a housing development about 35 miles from where we live. It was the 23rd year this year for them and they are so popular that they turn the streets to one way and have police directing traffic. They are beautiful homes and I enjoy the walking and looking at every one's landscaping as much as the yard sales...well almost. This was Kendall's first yard saleing trip and she did wonderful! How we are training this new generation!
So here are some of my finds. Three wool coats $5 each
Wool sweater .75
Set of four suitcases $3.oo for the set.

Two teapots .75 each
Lazy Susan $2.00
Shutters $3.00
Typewriter $1.00
Left handed golf clubs to be cut down for Logan $1 each
Silver pitcher $1.00
Divided box $1.00
Tray on these cute little metal legs $1.00
Book and music player $3.00
I also found three sewing boxes for $1 each...lots of buttons and old sewing notions....
and my favorite find....

was this little rocking chair for $25. Now don't gasp in horror or anything because I painted it. I know that there are some out there that would not paint something like this..
But for where I wanted to put it, painting was my option.

Today's projects are my sewing room closet and the cupboard in my painting room. I need room in the sewing room closet and have shelves to put in there and the painting closet needs a shelf cleaned off for my latest addiction...paper crafts or altered art or whatever we want to call it but it now has grown to need it's own space.
The BEST gift of yesterday and I can't thank him enough. I left my filthy car at my daughters house for the day while we shopped and when I got back, my son-in-law had washed and WAXED my car and cleaned the inside...even scrubbling the carpet. It was like an episode of Clean House or Trick my Truck or something! My smart aleck daughters made some comments about forgetting what color my car actually was but in truth I forgot how pretty the color actually is. It is called Black Amethyst and it really looks like that again. Thank-you, thank-you THANK-YOU was all that I could say! What a special gift!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Still nothing creative!

And here I am reading blogs.
My day yesterday started at 6:30 at work..trying to get the work done for the week, great progress was made in the first two hours...then...

Jenn shows up for work with both boys, Nana was not up yet to watch one of them. (The fact that my 70 something MIL watches one of them for the day is actually amazing anyway, she deserves a little extra rest)
I take both boys to the post office, bank, and the gas station for their treat.
Deliver one little boy to Nana's
Back to work, work work, Tyler on the extra computer "working" on Playhouse Disney. (what a great babysitter that is and he is learning!)
Phone ringing, printing, signs
Lunchtime and Tyler wants the baby pool brought here...home to get the baby pool.
Fill the baby pool, toys, squirt guns and spray bottles, I am wet now.
Phone call
Naked three year old running through the shop
Dress the three year old
Where did his mother go?
Sunscreen from home, she lathers it on.
Phone calls
Print some more shirt
Naked three year old
Dress the three year old
Phone calls
Naked...well you get the picture.
Repeat the above steps until 4 and then try to get some work done.
A friend shows up with her two new puppies to show me.
More customers, more phone calls.
Shawnee wants to go to the gym...bring Gracelyn up.
More customers
Gracelyn arrives and I take her home.
We clean out a flower bed..she is a good little gardener helper.
John makes supper.
Shawnee is here and she eats with us...what a treat to visit her!
End of supper and out the window I see little boys running up the driveway with their mother in pursuit and they are back!
Toys, "Read this book" Piano pounding, Plastic bowling pins on the kitchen floor.
Kisses, Hugs Goodbye, a 50 yard dash by me to catch the three year old and drag him to the car,
"Please can I stay at your house"
Logan saying "your house, your house"
Tyler with his foot out the window, could this be why he is losing shoes?
Shower and fall into my recliner...I know that I was asleep before I hit it
One hour later dragging myself to bed, barely making it up the steps because my knees hurt.

This morning's conversation.
Me: "I am tired this morning"
John: "Look, you asked for this, you wanted all these grandchildren, could not wait to get them, now this is your buffet of life, Belly up!"

And with that he walked out the door for a guys weekend at the races. How profound!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Haircolor, Home Remedies and Black Flies!

NO pics today! If there was one it would be of the every three weeks hair coloring that I put myself through. Is it really a blessing to have healthy hair that grows so fast that I have a stripe of gray every 2 1/2 weeks? I try to perform this process when no one is around as it is not my most flattering look! The man that is staining our deck is to be here this morning and I am really hoping that I get this rinsed and back to normal before he shows up, I wouldn't want to scare him away on his first day!
As a side note, we have always stained our deck ourselves, but there is no time to do that this year. I have always had a problem hiring anyone to do anything that I could do myself...this is a struggle! If only we could buy time...literally!

Home remedies: This section should come with one of those warnings; This part of this blog post is graphical in nature, please skip to the next paragraph if you have a weak stomach. Well really it is not that bad. I have had this funky looking blistery mess on my left hand for a couple of weeks. I passed it off as the start of poison ivy and didn't really worry about having the kids and them being around it. I was treating it with Ivarest and it was sort of staying under control. When it did get worse, I started bandaging it when I was at work and around the babies and left it open at night. I started to get the sneaking suspicion that this was not poison ivy though and that perhaps it was athlete's foot. It looked like it, but I did not know that you could get that on your hands. When Gracelyn was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, I thought that maybe that is what I had also and Horror set in that I may have given it to her. My son-in-law, Chris, gas rig operator, moonlighting as a Family Practitioner, told me to "Pee on it" He assured me that he never gets Athlete's Foot anymore since he peed on his feet. This classified as TMI (Too Much Information) for me but I could not quit thinking that maybe it would work. I had not heard that since I was stung by the stingray last fall...another story for another time. About three days later and the "rash" much worse, yesterday morning I did it! It was hard to do and I was skeptical but this morning my "rash" is all dried up and almost gone! Anyone else ever used this remedy?

Black Flies: We have them EVERYWHERE! We went on a killing spree last night armed with fly swatters, it was like a swat unit...forgive the pun...we could have had walkie talkies pinned to our shirts telling each other, "Swarm on the curtains in the family room" "I have a visual on the kitchen sink" "Contact made on the screen door" My dear husband did give them a chance for immunity when he shut off the lights and turned on the porch light and told them to run (fly) for their lives, those who didn't faced an untimely death.

Ding....time to rinse the hair!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knitting Night, sort of...

On most/some Monday nights we have a knitting night, just four friends (and sometimes a daughter) get together and knit and gab. We have been having this for less than a year and it is very unstructured and we are finding that during the summer it is going to very sporadic. Last night was Tina's turn to host and I was the only one that ended up going. We started out the knitting night by floating in the pool for awhile and gabbing...very relaxing!
After dessert and looking at all her new stuff, yard sale finds and other craft projects we sat down in her living room to wind all the t-shirt yarn that I had broght along. You see in that big mess, previously posted, there were a LOT of t-shirts just waiting to be made into yarn. Now I am ready to make a rug! Well there are still quite a few t-shirts that need cut up and cleaned off the floor, but it is a start. At least this much is ready for winter and recliner time. I had not seen my friend since her birthday so this was her belated birthday present. She was so excited! Nice to give an appreciated gift!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Big Mess and Painting projects

This is the mess on my sewing room floor. I would not have shown anyone this but hubby insisted that I take a picture and post it. I suppose that he thinks that messes like this would gain sympathy for him for putting up with my messes, but in truth...this is the results of him cleaning out his closet. We found someone to take all the good clothes and these are the t-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts. I am cutting, after wading in, all the t-shirts for t-shirt yarn and keeping the designs on a lot of them to make motorcycle blankets for the boys. Anyone with any pointers on how to make those blankets? Please let me know! I really am going to get it cleaned up!
I finished these two projects this weekend and another that is a birthday gift for a friend. I will see her tomorrow to give it to her so I can post the pic after that.

Have had this watering can sitting around forever. Another piece out of my painting room!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things to be thankful for.

I am thankful that VBS is done for another year. I love it, but it is so tiring for John and I. We just get out of work, hot and tired and then race home, hope to fit in a shower and off to the church, only to be hot all over again, drop into bed only to be back at work before 7 the next morning. Could they have it in January when business is slow?

Thankful also that people in the church supply a meal every night for the VBS workers or we would be starved on top of tired. There is no time for a meal between work and VBS!

I am REALLY thankful that Tyler, in his first church performance last night, did not rip off his shirt in a dancing frenzy the way that he did in practice. If the Baptists can frown on dancing, I am sure that a three year old Chippendale dancer would get excommunicated! Although as a side note, his performance on video tape might win some money for his parents even without the stripping!
It was hilarious!

Thankful for a job where I can slip some $$$ in my jeans pocket and slide out the door with the excuse of going to get the mail and hit a yard sale and the boss doesn't even need to know....until he got in my car to go to VBS and found the stash! These were my finds...and all for around $8.

Not really sure what this is, but I am going to have hubby take the rings off for me and do something with it.

These frames were $1 each...great buy, I think!
Also, I am thankful that we have enough work and that we are busy at work when so many places are slow, although I am not real happy about working on a Saturday this week. I have been really spoiled with my Saturdays off and I was planning this one to work in my yard.
Do you really think that anyone will notice that the four foot tall milkweed in the landscaping is not a perennial?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top Ten

Questions of my week.

1. Will I really remember how tired I am this week when the Bible School Director asks me next year to be the Recreation Director?

2. What in the world is all over the windshield of my car and just smears everywhere with the wipers on?

3. Is the car charger for my phone buried in my car somewhere under all the mess of baby pools, beach balls, and pool noodles?

4. Can I really start laundry tonight at 9:00 or would it be easier to just start turning the dirty underwear and socks inside out and wear them that way?

5. Should I clean the dead ladybugs off the fuzz on the last three remaining lights that are lit at my bathroom sink?

6. And on that note, If I replace the burned out bulbs over the sink, will it show the bags under my eyes and the gray roots of my hair even more than it does now?

7. Where the heck did Tyler get the word exquisite that he used to describe his root beer float treat at Bible School last night?

8. How are the few flowers that I have planted this year even beginning to stay alive when I really haven't watered them in a week?

9. Where is the closest Oxygen Bar? The last one I saw was in Vegas.

10. And last of all......what is the earliest flight that I could get to there?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miscellaneous Musings

Iwould like to say that this picture is my house this year but it is not...it is last year and I searched for a picture that would describe the last 2 1/2 months but there was nothing! It would have to look like this crazy jumble, like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle just tossed everywhere. When is it all going to slow down? My step-daughter, Dianna said that they are buying a more comfortable motorcycle so that they can go on longer trips. She thinks that they have a real small window of time before she gets pregnant and then the statement that caused John and I to choke, "After I have the baby I'll be tied down for the next 18 years."
"EIGHTEEN YEARS" we exclaimed simultaneously...try the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!
We tried to explain that real small window of time between four adult kids at home to four spouses and four grandchildren and how our motorcycles are trapped in the garage behind a play set for the first set of grandchildren and it is way past 18 years for us! How blissful the future looks when you are clueless!

We are in Bible School week. Last nights' game was hockey with pool noodles cut in half for the hockey sticks and a beach ball for the puck. What a hit! The kids loved it! Tonight is a relay race with squirt guns pushing beach balls across a line. Hope that it works.

Tyler is in his first Bible School week which has brought on a lot of screaming and near escapes. One memorable almost escape for the night was when he took off running down the center aisle of the church, me in close (well not that close) pursuit. Luckily Aunt Dianna was partway down the aisle and managed to trip him to slow him down. That allowed me to catch him right before he made it to the parking lot.

This Saturday has been declared as mine...all day, no interruptions...I really need to do something in my yard, I need to weed and mulch and trim and prune.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stars of the weekend!

I did manage another finished project over the weekend. This plate/candleholder was very close to finished and somewhere in the chaos I managed to basecoat the back of it. It was another item from Shelby's Goodwill stash that she had left in my car about a month ago. Did I not teach her better than that? How could she give away such treasures? My weekend starting Thursday AM was pretty much a kid's weekend. When I tallied it up at 3 on Sunday when Gracelyn left...I actually got teary-eyed when she was waving to me from her car seat as they pulled out of the driveway...anyway at that point I had not been without a child under the age of four for 3 1/2 days. John and I settled into the recliner and he promptly fell asleep and I watched a movie...well almost, the phone rang and Tyler and Logan were at my MIL's and wanted us to come and visit them. When they saw us they raced out of the house running to hug us and Tyler said "I am so happy to see you two!" Honestly it was like he was racing across an airport hallway after not seeing us for a year!
John and Kendall. He has not held any of the rest of the babies when they were that little, not that any of the others were that "little". He must be gearing up for more!

Tyler and I at work on Thursday. He is very hard to get a good picture of without one of those special lenses built for stop action. He just moves too fast!

Logan and Gracelyn on Saturday night with their "Honda" right before the big fight! Poor Logan, he is so gentle and he gets the worst of it from Tyler and he is not big enough to defend himself and he gets the worst of it from Gracelyn and he is too gentle to hurt her. Most of the time these two get along really well though and they are fun to have together.
After all the REST of the weekend, so starts Bible School this week! Do they still make Vivarin? I need some....bad!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nap time activity

I finished this rug during nap time yesterday. Believe me it works up fast and I was almost done because Gramma had to nap also. Thursday morning started with Tyler (3) at work with us all day and in the afternoon, Kendall's (2 weeks almost) first visit to the shop, after hubby and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the local restaurant, we arrived home and Gracelyn (1) was here ready for her weekend stay. Friday morning was spent at Jenn's watching the Tyler and Logan (2) and Gracelyn while Jenn worked, then back home for Gracelyn and Gramma (51) to nap. After naps we went to Walmart because Gramma (still 51) is the Recreation Director (as well as the Sanctuary Decorator) for VBS...as she has been for the last few years, and had to get all the supplies for the week. Gramma (feeling tired, 51) thinks that someone in the church (preferably 30 or under) should take the job as Recreation Director next year...for any of you fellow church goers that might read this blog, but I digress! Then off to McDonald's for supper and home for 3 more hours of play before Gracelyn finally drops and 9:15 a mere 15 minutes before Gramma drops at 9:30. Papa went to camp...are you seeing a trend here?

Highlights of my day....hugs and kisses and "I love you Gramma's" from the boys anyway. Gracelyn running through the house and into my arms and then she pats me on the back! Gracelyn waving to EVERYONE in Walmart! My car is filled with all the balls, balloons, beach balls, squirt guns, baby pools, buckets, pool noodles (for hockey), pom, poms, and sponges and I am ready for VBS! (Ulterior motive...if I have enough water games maybe they will just fire me)

Lowlights...When Logan threw the foam bowling ball into the dirty pan of BBQ sauce in the kitchen sink and Tyler retrieved it screaming because it was dirty, but not before he was covered with BBQ sauce and then grabbed Logan's head and shook him and then had BBQ sauce all over his brother and somehow got a hold on Gracelyn and now she has BBQ sauce on her and now Gramma (feeling about 85) has BBQ sauce all over her trying to wipe it all up and Jenn was out of paper towels AND baby wipes....what a mess! I was still smelling BBQ sauce when I collapsed in bed last night.

Gracelyn will be up in another 15 minutes and today starts another day. How can one 20 pound little girl wear me out like this? It is such a good tired!

Friday, June 12, 2009


This somewhat organized mess of hardware is what is needed to put together a playset for the boys that the family all went together and bought for their birthdays. John has been working on putting it together in his spare time which, with long work days and trying to get all the mowing done in between rain showers, is not abundant.
He is pre-assembling it in the pole building at our shop and if you look close.....

You will see what is trapped BEHIND the playset.

What happened to our life? How it has changed!

Gracelyn arrived here last night for her weekend stay at Gramma and Papa's. Her Mom and Dad have a wedding to attend and be attendants at in Baltimore this weekend. After all the kisses and waves and tears and anxiety, from Shawnee that is, we, (Gracelyn and I) started my long awaited weekend with her. You see while a get the boys regularly alone, I usually see Gracelyn with her Mom....is it so wrong to want her all to myself?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The evening's activities

Yes this would be me in this position and several other positions that have (thank goodness) not been photographed. Good friends at least don't get your bad (behind) side. You didn't right Molly? After seeing this picture I realized why I might be hurting a little this evening.
This is the backdrop for the play for VBS next week. I had great help this year! Usually I end up doing these alone. Thanks to Herb, the church carpenter (is that actually a job in the church) who made a new backdrop for us this year. The old one had so many coats of paint on it that it was getting heavy. It also was only two 4 x 8 sheets and this one is three and looks so much better at the front of the church.

Big, huge thanks to Molly for helping me out!

And we "built" this fireplace out of a cardboard box. Not bad for two rookies in cardboard and packing tape construction. We decorated all the windowsills in the church also with "campy" things. I'll get pics of those later.

Chock full of Checkers

These items were in various stages of completion on my painting table so yesterday AM, they all received checkers and vines. and a few stars. They all need varnished and I bought some of those little tealights for the one on the left and need to get some rosehips and a few cute little bowl filler thingies to finish it off.
I haven't painted any of this prim stuff in quite awhile. It was fun to do again, so quick and easy.

Now to find homes for them. Etsy has not proved to be a good outlet for me. Any ideas?