Knitting Night, sort of...

On most/some Monday nights we have a knitting night, just four friends (and sometimes a daughter) get together and knit and gab. We have been having this for less than a year and it is very unstructured and we are finding that during the summer it is going to very sporadic. Last night was Tina's turn to host and I was the only one that ended up going. We started out the knitting night by floating in the pool for awhile and gabbing...very relaxing!
After dessert and looking at all her new stuff, yard sale finds and other craft projects we sat down in her living room to wind all the t-shirt yarn that I had broght along. You see in that big mess, previously posted, there were a LOT of t-shirts just waiting to be made into yarn. Now I am ready to make a rug! Well there are still quite a few t-shirts that need cut up and cleaned off the floor, but it is a start. At least this much is ready for winter and recliner time. I had not seen my friend since her birthday so this was her belated birthday present. She was so excited! Nice to give an appreciated gift!


Suzanne said…
It sounds like a delightful time with a good friend. Love the sign/present. It's so pretty and I love the sentiment.
Bren said…
Knitting night sounds like fun, although I'm not a knitter, lol. But floating in the pool, aahhhhh.
Love the sign, what a Great gift, lucky friend.
Have a Great day.
Hugs, Bren
How here hasn't been what you would call pool weather so I haven't got to float in the pool yet!
Patti said…
Can't wait to see the rug you make. Your friend is one lucky person to get a handpainted sign from you. Patti