Nap time activity

I finished this rug during nap time yesterday. Believe me it works up fast and I was almost done because Gramma had to nap also. Thursday morning started with Tyler (3) at work with us all day and in the afternoon, Kendall's (2 weeks almost) first visit to the shop, after hubby and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the local restaurant, we arrived home and Gracelyn (1) was here ready for her weekend stay. Friday morning was spent at Jenn's watching the Tyler and Logan (2) and Gracelyn while Jenn worked, then back home for Gracelyn and Gramma (51) to nap. After naps we went to Walmart because Gramma (still 51) is the Recreation Director (as well as the Sanctuary Decorator) for she has been for the last few years, and had to get all the supplies for the week. Gramma (feeling tired, 51) thinks that someone in the church (preferably 30 or under) should take the job as Recreation Director next year...for any of you fellow church goers that might read this blog, but I digress! Then off to McDonald's for supper and home for 3 more hours of play before Gracelyn finally drops and 9:15 a mere 15 minutes before Gramma drops at 9:30. Papa went to camp...are you seeing a trend here?

Highlights of my day....hugs and kisses and "I love you Gramma's" from the boys anyway. Gracelyn running through the house and into my arms and then she pats me on the back! Gracelyn waving to EVERYONE in Walmart! My car is filled with all the balls, balloons, beach balls, squirt guns, baby pools, buckets, pool noodles (for hockey), pom, poms, and sponges and I am ready for VBS! (Ulterior motive...if I have enough water games maybe they will just fire me)

Lowlights...When Logan threw the foam bowling ball into the dirty pan of BBQ sauce in the kitchen sink and Tyler retrieved it screaming because it was dirty, but not before he was covered with BBQ sauce and then grabbed Logan's head and shook him and then had BBQ sauce all over his brother and somehow got a hold on Gracelyn and now she has BBQ sauce on her and now Gramma (feeling about 85) has BBQ sauce all over her trying to wipe it all up and Jenn was out of paper towels AND baby wipes....what a mess! I was still smelling BBQ sauce when I collapsed in bed last night.

Gracelyn will be up in another 15 minutes and today starts another day. How can one 20 pound little girl wear me out like this? It is such a good tired!


Oh, I am just sooo tired reading this!! Have a fun day. ~Natalie
Lois said…
Hi Kathy.
Yes, it is amazing how much energy we use up doing grandma stuff isn't it? But I bet you wouldn't trade one minute of it would you?
LOL! Right now I have a rock collection growing in my kitchen. My Cutie Patootie sends all her rocks we find on our walks, to our place because her mom/dad won't let her keep them in the house. They are so mean! Her words not mine. I wonder what grandparents did for fun before grandchildren?
We all must have led pretty boring lives don't you think?
Have a great weekend Kathy.
PS Thanks for the comment about the customer who thought she would only get half the job printed for a half down deposit. Some people really are not too bright!
I laughed out loud,choked on my tea and spit it all over my keyboard all at the same time but it was worth the laugh!
Bren said…
OmGosh, I'm still laughing, a good laugh mind you. I loved your post, and so needed it after the week I had.
What fun Grandchildren are!! Mine will be coming in two weeks, for a weeks stay, I can't wait. I'll be feeling 90 by the time they leave, lol.
Thanks for the wonderful post, it made my day! You're such a stitch.
Hugs, Bren
Wendy said…
I don't understand.......why are you so tired??!!!!LOL....Oh the day in the life with the grandbabies!!! Have a wonderful weekend!~Wendy