Stars of the weekend!

I did manage another finished project over the weekend. This plate/candleholder was very close to finished and somewhere in the chaos I managed to basecoat the back of it. It was another item from Shelby's Goodwill stash that she had left in my car about a month ago. Did I not teach her better than that? How could she give away such treasures? My weekend starting Thursday AM was pretty much a kid's weekend. When I tallied it up at 3 on Sunday when Gracelyn left...I actually got teary-eyed when she was waving to me from her car seat as they pulled out of the driveway...anyway at that point I had not been without a child under the age of four for 3 1/2 days. John and I settled into the recliner and he promptly fell asleep and I watched a movie...well almost, the phone rang and Tyler and Logan were at my MIL's and wanted us to come and visit them. When they saw us they raced out of the house running to hug us and Tyler said "I am so happy to see you two!" Honestly it was like he was racing across an airport hallway after not seeing us for a year!
John and Kendall. He has not held any of the rest of the babies when they were that little, not that any of the others were that "little". He must be gearing up for more!

Tyler and I at work on Thursday. He is very hard to get a good picture of without one of those special lenses built for stop action. He just moves too fast!

Logan and Gracelyn on Saturday night with their "Honda" right before the big fight! Poor Logan, he is so gentle and he gets the worst of it from Tyler and he is not big enough to defend himself and he gets the worst of it from Gracelyn and he is too gentle to hurt her. Most of the time these two get along really well though and they are fun to have together.
After all the REST of the weekend, so starts Bible School this week! Do they still make Vivarin? I need some....bad!


Such sweet faces on those grandbabies. Now is sold in a beverage can...Red Bull, Monster...have you seen all the different types of energy drinks on the market? Good luck with Bible School. Happy Monday ~Natalie
pammyjo said…
They are all so preciously cute. We had a grandkids weekend too. We are so blessed. Have a great bible school and creative week. By the way, I luv the back drop you painted for bs. :) Hug P