Still nothing creative!

And here I am reading blogs.
My day yesterday started at 6:30 at work..trying to get the work done for the week, great progress was made in the first two hours...then...

Jenn shows up for work with both boys, Nana was not up yet to watch one of them. (The fact that my 70 something MIL watches one of them for the day is actually amazing anyway, she deserves a little extra rest)
I take both boys to the post office, bank, and the gas station for their treat.
Deliver one little boy to Nana's
Back to work, work work, Tyler on the extra computer "working" on Playhouse Disney. (what a great babysitter that is and he is learning!)
Phone ringing, printing, signs
Lunchtime and Tyler wants the baby pool brought here...home to get the baby pool.
Fill the baby pool, toys, squirt guns and spray bottles, I am wet now.
Phone call
Naked three year old running through the shop
Dress the three year old
Where did his mother go?
Sunscreen from home, she lathers it on.
Phone calls
Print some more shirt
Naked three year old
Dress the three year old
Phone calls
Naked...well you get the picture.
Repeat the above steps until 4 and then try to get some work done.
A friend shows up with her two new puppies to show me.
More customers, more phone calls.
Shawnee wants to go to the gym...bring Gracelyn up.
More customers
Gracelyn arrives and I take her home.
We clean out a flower bed..she is a good little gardener helper.
John makes supper.
Shawnee is here and she eats with us...what a treat to visit her!
End of supper and out the window I see little boys running up the driveway with their mother in pursuit and they are back!
Toys, "Read this book" Piano pounding, Plastic bowling pins on the kitchen floor.
Kisses, Hugs Goodbye, a 50 yard dash by me to catch the three year old and drag him to the car,
"Please can I stay at your house"
Logan saying "your house, your house"
Tyler with his foot out the window, could this be why he is losing shoes?
Shower and fall into my recliner...I know that I was asleep before I hit it
One hour later dragging myself to bed, barely making it up the steps because my knees hurt.

This morning's conversation.
Me: "I am tired this morning"
John: "Look, you asked for this, you wanted all these grandchildren, could not wait to get them, now this is your buffet of life, Belly up!"

And with that he walked out the door for a guys weekend at the races. How profound!


Dawn said…
TODAYS POST: Priceless!!!!!!
Charmingdesigns said…
Oh my goodness. I'm rolling on the floor laughing...Soooo I feel your pain! lol
It won't be long before those little boys can go with the guys for a weekend at the races, right?! Have a great weekend. ~Natalie
Suzanne said…
Ah, the life of a grandmother. Could it be any better? ;o)
Balisha said…
I came to visit via Lynn's blog. This brings back so many memories for me. I am now 71 yrs. old, but 12 yrs life was like yours. I took care of my Grandboys everyday.It was wall to wall fun at our house. Chaos sometimes, but those times are the ones the boys remember now. I did tole painting and sold it in shops. So I was painting, watching the boys, cleaning, cooking, gardening you name it everyday. Whew!! Those days are over, but I do sometimes miss the activity. Enjoy it...they grow up so fast.
Littlebit said…
I was browsing blogs over my coffee and came across yours. Your husband's comment cracked me up! Sometimes I think grandchildren are for the women, don't you? LOL! I always tell my husband that this is why women our age don't have kids! Gotta love our grandchildren, but once they are back home, it's time to crash in the bed. :-)
Laurie said…
You cracked me up, And so did your husband! Ah don't we grandma's just love it when we can go to sleep and recooperate?
pammyjo said…
LOLOLOL Another good post! The life of Grammys.
Those grandchildren are keeping you young! You'll be in tip top shape at 90 because of what those grandkids are doing to you today!