The thiings you find & ATCs anyone?

Cleaning and Organizing can be so therapeutic and EMBARRASSING! In the midst of the clean-up, I found this "gift" that I had started for a friend's granddaughter. It had slipped my mind completely about making it. If only I could stay organized! I also ran across this ATC that I had made while my friends were here visiting in the spring. You see, they are into making and trading these little cards and I "humored" them and made one also. They are sneaky little people though, they got my hooked. I kept thinking about this little card and the concept of the trading of them and then it sort of got buried in the rubble of my painting area and the rubble of my mind. Well, over the weekend I found it and while I was cleaning I saw the empty Cheerios box sitting there. Then I found a deck of cards and I remember Les keeping her blanks in a card box. THEN, I found the tote bag full of paper STUFF that I had been making ornaments with last year. It just kept calling me...go ahead...try just won't get hooked. It is just like a drug. Beading sucked me in the same way, so did painting 30+ years ago. Knitting...last winter. I am a junkie! A craft junkie.
So, here are more cards and what a concept! You just create these little cards and post them on this great little, friendly board and people want them and then they send you one of theirs. The really sick thing is that I can see these plaque/cupboard door/window all decorated with these lovely little cards that I am going to collect from all over the world, adorning my painting room wall already!

What a great concept and so easy and quick and creative and the possibilities are endless! NO thought of will this sell? Who will want this? Where am I going to hang/set this? and best of all, When am I going to have the time to dust it?


cwa said…
Your cards are so very cute. I have very little artistic talent, so I am truly envious of people like you who have so much. Thanks for posting the cards and your other wonderful projects for we, the "artistically challenged" to enjoy! Blessings to your family.
BurttBunch said…
Do you make the wall plaques for other people? My kids would LOVE seeing their names on something! Those are adorable! You are SO talented.