The evening's activities

Yes this would be me in this position and several other positions that have (thank goodness) not been photographed. Good friends at least don't get your bad (behind) side. You didn't right Molly? After seeing this picture I realized why I might be hurting a little this evening.
This is the backdrop for the play for VBS next week. I had great help this year! Usually I end up doing these alone. Thanks to Herb, the church carpenter (is that actually a job in the church) who made a new backdrop for us this year. The old one had so many coats of paint on it that it was getting heavy. It also was only two 4 x 8 sheets and this one is three and looks so much better at the front of the church.

Big, huge thanks to Molly for helping me out!

And we "built" this fireplace out of a cardboard box. Not bad for two rookies in cardboard and packing tape construction. We decorated all the windowsills in the church also with "campy" things. I'll get pics of those later.


Suzanne said…
Those are beautiful. What a wonderful job you did!
I agree...great job!!!
Jenny said…
Fantastic job! The kids are truly going to feel the outdoors with your spot-on creativity!!

Kudos, Girlie!!

Meggie said…
She scenery looks great! Hope you weren't hurting too badly this morning. So glad to hear you had some help this year.
luv2teek said…
I am so jealous of your talent and creativity! ;-)