Miscellaneous Musings

Iwould like to say that this picture is my house this year but it is not...it is last year and I searched for a picture that would describe the last 2 1/2 months but there was nothing! It would have to look like this crazy jumble, like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle just tossed everywhere. When is it all going to slow down? My step-daughter, Dianna said that they are buying a more comfortable motorcycle so that they can go on longer trips. She thinks that they have a real small window of time before she gets pregnant and then the statement that caused John and I to choke, "After I have the baby I'll be tied down for the next 18 years."
"EIGHTEEN YEARS" we exclaimed simultaneously...try the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!
We tried to explain that real small window of time between four adult kids at home to four spouses and four grandchildren and how our motorcycles are trapped in the garage behind a play set for the first set of grandchildren and it is way past 18 years for us! How blissful the future looks when you are clueless!

We are in Bible School week. Last nights' game was hockey with pool noodles cut in half for the hockey sticks and a beach ball for the puck. What a hit! The kids loved it! Tonight is a relay race with squirt guns pushing beach balls across a line. Hope that it works.

Tyler is in his first Bible School week which has brought on a lot of screaming and near escapes. One memorable almost escape for the night was when he took off running down the center aisle of the church, me in close (well not that close) pursuit. Luckily Aunt Dianna was partway down the aisle and managed to trip him to slow him down. That allowed me to catch him right before he made it to the parking lot.

This Saturday has been declared as mine...all day, no interruptions...I really need to do something in my yard, I need to weed and mulch and trim and prune.


lisa said…
I am laughing so hard at the part of being a parent for only 18 years!!! My Son just got married 2 weeks ago and they are talking about coming to visit every sunday.I'm sure I will be asked to take care of first grandbaby..Thank you for telling how it trully is with parenting..It made my day...Lisa
ROFLMBO!!! Eighteen years is just the beginning!!! Thanks for a great laugh!!
pammyjo said…
You my special friend should write a book, I'm LMBO. Great post! I hope your Saturday is fabulous, I'm trying for the same thing, but have a wedding in the evening. It seems every weekend is BUSY BUSY BUSY! Hug, P
I know just what you mean! I thought life was supposed to slow down once the kids moved out and on with their lives.