Haircolor, Home Remedies and Black Flies!

NO pics today! If there was one it would be of the every three weeks hair coloring that I put myself through. Is it really a blessing to have healthy hair that grows so fast that I have a stripe of gray every 2 1/2 weeks? I try to perform this process when no one is around as it is not my most flattering look! The man that is staining our deck is to be here this morning and I am really hoping that I get this rinsed and back to normal before he shows up, I wouldn't want to scare him away on his first day!
As a side note, we have always stained our deck ourselves, but there is no time to do that this year. I have always had a problem hiring anyone to do anything that I could do myself...this is a struggle! If only we could buy time...literally!

Home remedies: This section should come with one of those warnings; This part of this blog post is graphical in nature, please skip to the next paragraph if you have a weak stomach. Well really it is not that bad. I have had this funky looking blistery mess on my left hand for a couple of weeks. I passed it off as the start of poison ivy and didn't really worry about having the kids and them being around it. I was treating it with Ivarest and it was sort of staying under control. When it did get worse, I started bandaging it when I was at work and around the babies and left it open at night. I started to get the sneaking suspicion that this was not poison ivy though and that perhaps it was athlete's foot. It looked like it, but I did not know that you could get that on your hands. When Gracelyn was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, I thought that maybe that is what I had also and Horror set in that I may have given it to her. My son-in-law, Chris, gas rig operator, moonlighting as a Family Practitioner, told me to "Pee on it" He assured me that he never gets Athlete's Foot anymore since he peed on his feet. This classified as TMI (Too Much Information) for me but I could not quit thinking that maybe it would work. I had not heard that since I was stung by the stingray last fall...another story for another time. About three days later and the "rash" much worse, yesterday morning I did it! It was hard to do and I was skeptical but this morning my "rash" is all dried up and almost gone! Anyone else ever used this remedy?

Black Flies: We have them EVERYWHERE! We went on a killing spree last night armed with fly swatters, it was like a swat unit...forgive the pun...we could have had walkie talkies pinned to our shirts telling each other, "Swarm on the curtains in the family room" "I have a visual on the kitchen sink" "Contact made on the screen door" My dear husband did give them a chance for immunity when he shut off the lights and turned on the porch light and told them to run (fly) for their lives, those who didn't faced an untimely death.

Ding....time to rinse the hair!


eeekj35 said…
Thanks. I am a school teacher and Hand, Foot Mouth goes around often. I will have to remember the peeing thing. Hee Hee!!! Gross, but never Too Much Info. Thanks, Kim
pammyjo said…
I've heard of Hand Foot and Mouth. I think around here it's called Hoof and Mouth Disease. My neighbors little boy had it in the 80's, I don't think they used that remedy, but all turned out well. LOLOL You are going to be on the same list as Obama and the fly incident. Giggle! He swatted a fly and got all kind of bad press. Sometimes the news isn't worth watching. LOL We've had tons of lady bugs around. I'll gather the family and we'll try the swat team approach. Have a great rest of the week. P :)
Jenny said…
I feel your pain wi6h the hair color ... I'm thinking of switching to a frost, rather than covering my entire head with dark coloring ... oh, the woes of womanhood!

How 'bout that remedy! I'll have to tuck that little tip away for safe keeping! :)

Charmingdesigns said…
Sad to say, my husband heard about the pee...did it, it worked..WHY??lol? I do that "hair thing" wouldn't even want to know whats under that brown color I Laurie
Do you realize that you basically just told the entire world that you peed on your own hand!?!?!
Hahaha .. that was incredibly funny.
If I ever need to try that, no one is ever going to know!

I'm reporting you to PETA. Flies are people too! Wait ... Flies are incredibly annoying inside and out. KILL! KILL!