This somewhat organized mess of hardware is what is needed to put together a playset for the boys that the family all went together and bought for their birthdays. John has been working on putting it together in his spare time which, with long work days and trying to get all the mowing done in between rain showers, is not abundant.
He is pre-assembling it in the pole building at our shop and if you look close.....

You will see what is trapped BEHIND the playset.

What happened to our life? How it has changed!

Gracelyn arrived here last night for her weekend stay at Gramma and Papa's. Her Mom and Dad have a wedding to attend and be attendants at in Baltimore this weekend. After all the kisses and waves and tears and anxiety, from Shawnee that is, we, (Gracelyn and I) started my long awaited weekend with her. You see while a get the boys regularly alone, I usually see Gracelyn with her it so wrong to want her all to myself?


pammyjo said…
You are going to have a great weekend. Snuggling, playing, holding and just being together. Enjoy! She's such a beautiful lil' sweet. :)
Lynn said…
If you love motorcycles you will get a kick out of my blog today!!! LOL Hope you get that stuff together soon and back on your bikes!
Laurie said…
I bet he'd rather be riding! don't you just love gifts you have to assemble!?
Enjoy your unselfish time with your grandaughter, special memories you creat just for you and her!