Sign at work, sign at home.

Finished one at both places. I finished this one tonight, other than the varnish for Little Miss Kendall. How fitting, in honor of her being one month old and actually due today. The way I look at it, had she been born today we would have just found out her name today and looking at it that way, I am way ahead with getting this done. Logical? I have had this sign waiting for me for quite awhile. It has actually been on the procrastination list. It is done with sign paint and the paint is oil based and gives me a dreadful headache. Officially, this is my last sign painted with that paint. It is just not worth it to feel unhealthy for a sign....priorities!
I am really glad to have this done though, why do I put these things off when it is such a good feeling to finish them, and collect the pay!


Congratulations...a job well done! You have had a busy summer so far. Happy July ~Natalie
Amber said…
Both signs look awesome!