Top Ten

Questions of my week.

1. Will I really remember how tired I am this week when the Bible School Director asks me next year to be the Recreation Director?

2. What in the world is all over the windshield of my car and just smears everywhere with the wipers on?

3. Is the car charger for my phone buried in my car somewhere under all the mess of baby pools, beach balls, and pool noodles?

4. Can I really start laundry tonight at 9:00 or would it be easier to just start turning the dirty underwear and socks inside out and wear them that way?

5. Should I clean the dead ladybugs off the fuzz on the last three remaining lights that are lit at my bathroom sink?

6. And on that note, If I replace the burned out bulbs over the sink, will it show the bags under my eyes and the gray roots of my hair even more than it does now?

7. Where the heck did Tyler get the word exquisite that he used to describe his root beer float treat at Bible School last night?

8. How are the few flowers that I have planted this year even beginning to stay alive when I really haven't watered them in a week?

9. Where is the closest Oxygen Bar? The last one I saw was in Vegas.

10. And last of all......what is the earliest flight that I could get to there?


pammyjo said…
I'm howling! I don't replace my bulbs in the bathroom light (5) until there are only 2 left. LOLOLOLOLOL
LOL!!! I have a light out in my bathroom now. Am I gonna change it today? Don't think so 'cause that would mean I have to wipe down the dust bunnies hanging around the light fixture and I'm just not in the mood!! Ha! Ha!