Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Pics of Picks and Redo's

Thursday through Sunday
turned out to be some really good
picking days for me. 

This nice printed fabric above,

and this stitchery,

both headed to 

And this picnic basket

and the pink duck...

Chalk painted,
courtesy of 
Decoart Americana Chalk Paints
and on my front porch. 

Honestly, I was going to throw the duck away, 
it just happened to be in the lot with the pony planter that I wanted
but figured I would try the chalk paint on it also. 

This lap desk, 
another chalk paint and Decoart stencils
is going to be the new home for my colored pencils. 

And finally, 
Gracelyn saw these peacocks and had to have them!  

Also in that lot was that lovely tureen,jar,candy dish 
behind it that I am not sure what to do with 
but Papa had to buy them for her
"they would look so nice in her room" 
as she put it! 

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