Autumn Leaf Festival

Clarion, Pennsylvania
has an
Autumn Leaf Festival
every year.
Homecoming at
Clarion University,
car show
Friday morning...
huge craft show.
While I have attended other events
there over the years.
I have never been to the craft show portion.
there were tons of crafters,
but sadly
as most craft shows are going,
there were also a  lot of
manufactured items
that people were swarming to buy.
Honestly, do they really think
that is hand made
when there are
at least
13 booths
with the exact same items?
But ok, I won't get on that soapbox this morning.
I bought this piece of crockery.
Loved the handmade look of it.
There were lots of pottery places with
cookie cutter
but this

So tempted to get on that soapbox!!!

It is also a farmer's market
and I got these fresh grapes.
These concord grapes
locally grown
are my
absolute favorite grapes.
Seeds and all.

a few osage oranges.
Have to keep the spiders away.

We also visited
one of the coolest
antique shops that I have been to
in awhile.
Can't wait to take the girls there!
More of that

There was also the cutest little mini donut maker there.
Of course, I had to have some of those.
The only evidence that I bought those
was a little sugar around my mouth.

Of course the other evidence will be when I am complaining the jeans don't fit!


Kim said…
I hate craft shows where it's just table after table of the same. The crock is beautiful though
Amber said…
I love craft fairs but it does stink that people sell manufactured items! What's the fun in that!? If I'm going to a craft fair, I want to see handmade, items that people (not machines) have put their hard work and time into. But, I digress... :)
Angela said…
Love the piece of pottery you purchased and those grapes look delicious. Never heard of the oranges??? Do you eat them? Sounds like the few craft shows that pop up around here. Mostly purses and jewelry. Not handmades. More like flea market than craft show. Sounds like you had a good day anywhay. Hope you have a great weekend
Manufactured items should not be allowed at CRAFT shows.

Neat pottery you found. Osage oranges are new to me, boy do they look interesting! Do they taste good?
annie said…
Great hand crafted piece! I hate that they fill up the shows with foreign junk too. A lot of people do not know you should not eat the Osage oranges, they are interesting though aren't they? There are a few bushes scattered here and there, and they keep well, I don't want the spiders here either!
Holly said…
Sounds like a fun day. Love your pottery. The grapes look delicious but I'm not so sure about those oranges. :) I've never seen or heard about those kind. Are they yummy? Have a good Sunday!
I was at a craft show yesterday (Sunday) that had 395 vendors. It was outside and oh so cold! Thought I was dressed warm enough. A lot of manufactured items throughout this show. That's sad. Love the crock! I never heard of these oranges. Sounds like something I need. Have a lot of spiders around here. Take Care.
You found a great piece of pottery at ALF! I've done the show for years and am more than frustrated with the Chamber allowing buy -sell. Saw more than ever this year. Still a worthwhile show, for vendors and shoppers!