How NOT to Grocery Shop

As a prequel to this story,
I am going to start at Monday morning
on my morning walk
I twisted my ankle.
As in hobbling and swelling
had me driving
to my Mother's quilt guild to teach a class
penny rugs.
Well this is the actual story.
was my
DD Day.
(that is Dialysis Driver for those of you that are not regulars here)
Still hobbling,
I dropped my MIL at the dialysis center,
made a few deliveries
and then hit my favorite thrift shops.
One of them is closing...sad day, but off the subject.
Found a few items for the camper project.
For that see
Now on with the story.
I pick Kendall up at the babysitters.
I used to bring her along on some dialysis days,
but we had a few "bad" incidents
after dialysis
and I quit doing that.
Didn't want to traumatize the poor child!
But, things have been better on these runs lately
and when Shelby asked,
I figured I would try it again.
We pick up my MIL
and she gets in the car
informs me that she would like to go to Shop-n-Save.
Now, I hate to grocery shop.
Really hate it.
JWS does the bulk of the shopping in this house.
So, to add a 77 year old
in a motorized cart
a 3 year old
with her own cart...
let's just say,
I could feel the hives starting already.

I have to pull up to the door of the store,
leave the 77 year old and the 3 year old
in the car.
(Not sure if that right there isn't grounds for CYS to step in)
go and check if there is a motorized cart available.
There is
so I boot the MIL out of the car,
go park the car,
get the three year old
out of the car seat
get her in the store,
try to convince her that she is not going to ride in the 15 foot long cart
with the car on the front of it,
make a compromise
with this.
Her own shopping cart.
See that the 77 year old has a lead on us here?
(Remember the prequel of the sore ankle?)

Much of the shopping trip looked like this...
See the blur?
That would be the 3 year old speeding one way
and the
77 year old speeding the other way.
there is not much in the store
that they didn't hit.

the incident that stays with me
there are no pics for.
If you have ever helped someone in one of these carts shop,
you realize that much of the store's products
are inaccessible
to the reach of the person on the cart.

as my MIL was sitting at the yogurt display deciding on flavors,
I tried to scoot into the 6 inch space between the cooler
and the cart
to reach the yogurt....
it was at that point
that the aforementioned ankle
once again twisted...
FELL into the yogurt cooler!
On the way down,
I managed to get a pretty bad bruise
on the side of my boob
where it caught the cart
on the way by.

If all this sounds like it should be on videotape,
I managed to get out of the cooler
only to see Kendall
the 3 year old,
a pack of 18 eggs
getting ready to
not so gently drop them into her cart.
I managed to yell/whisper
so as not to startle her into dropping them,
to please carefully put them back on the shelf.
Which she did...thank goodness.
The rest of the trip
included a glow in the dark bracelet,
orange pop,
some cookies that she informed Nana
that she had to "SHARE"
and a lot of other stuff
tossed in
Nana's cart
while she wasn't looking.

Then we unload the groceries out of the cart(s)
load them into another cart,
take them and the three year old to the car,
load them into the car,
rush over and pick up the
77 year old
dialysis patient
that is going down fast,
head to our next stop,
the eye doctor.
Then home,
three year old
is sleeping,
77 year old is nodding off,
I unload the groceries,
and the
77 year old.
Take the
three year old
back to work with me to finish the work day
what I can salvage of it...

Is it any wonder
I need
adult beverage?

Kendall gets to do her favorite thing at my house...

Thrift store find.

And what I am working on.


Trace4J said…
Good Morning Friend
What a day.
Funny reading that post I saw your day as I have lived it many years ago.
You deserve a giant hug, gold star and big hunk of cake!
Happy Fall
Holly said…
You poor thing! You gave me a smile this morning. :) Hope your ankle feels better!
Balisha said…
Oh, my...I remember those days. Taking either Mom or Dad and my little grandsons shopping or to the Doctor's. What a nightmare, but I can laugh about it now that I'm the 70 some year old.I used to take care of 5 kids under the age of 3...and still do my painting for customers. I used to be so tired all the time....but I accomplished so much. Now, I wish I had a little more in my day. It seems we are never satisfied.
Oh my Cathy! What a day you had my friend. Sending you a (((Hug))). You truly are an amazing person with all that you do. I hope your ankle gets better soon! Have a wonderful weekend!
No Know it all said…
Now I understand. Thanks for the story. Sorry about your ankle - hope it feels better soon!
Laurie said…
Your posts never cease to entertain, Cathy! I hope you recover from your trip, your trip in the cooler, and your ankle. Show what you're working on finished too, OK?
Karen said…
I have to say you are really a glutten for punishment...but thank goodness because it sure gives us some good reading! lol
Oh you poor dear girl...I can feel your pain and then to twist it a second time.
I sure hope there is a point when you can put it up to let it heal some. Ya, right...I don't think that is going to happen with you and all the energy you have.
Love the photos of the 'blurr' - too cute.
Thanks for sharing with us and I know this all wasn't funny but I do believe it's the way you deliver it to us...thanks for the grins.
Denise said…
Good Golly - I didn't experience this and I NEED an adult beverage! You have my permission to stay in bed today and hide! Take care of that ankle and try to have a good day.
That is so cute...but I feel your least you were able to look on the bright side. I do not have the "pleasure" or "chore" of assisting my MIL....she does not want to have anything to do with me.
I am going to check out the wool ornaments free pattern...those are so cute..thanks for sharing.
Hope you have a really great weekend!
Smiles and hugs
Angela said…
Doctor that ankle , get it all better, and then tell JWS you are starting a new career as a Stand Up Comedian and I will definitely come to listen. You are one heck of a lady to always see the humor in any situation. Your MIL should treat you like a queen and I know your grands think you are just that "grand". Have a fun weekend and thanks for the giggles.
Robbie said…
Well, you sure did put a smile on my face! sorry to laugh at your 'day' but it was a great/funny post!! Hope your ankle is better!!!! I can still see you falling into the cooler!!! OMG!!
annie said…
Well my goodness, that was tiring reading it, I can only imagine the live action in the store. Bless your heart, hope the foot is better. So good of you to take care of others the way you do!
Wow. It is important tomseemthe humor in this like you do because I'm not sure I could have handles that. We have three kids with minor special needs so when the weekend comes they get a holiday from their meds.....last weekend, we took them tomSea World and all three scattered, one is two and a half and I was near having a pulmonary arrest much of the time. Once they understood taking off to the candy stations on their own was unacceptable with several warnings of leaving our fun day, they stayed fairly close. The hardest is my 12 year old whose hearing impaired and hates to wear her aides. Ugh.

Funny thing is, if I had been shopping in your store when you were, I'd probably of been run over by the motorized cart or the little cart.....I'm magnet for these things.

Elisha said…
Hilarious..... Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that grocery! I can somewhat relate! 1 yr old and 2 1/2 yr old at my house and we don't have any family around so I share in your hate for trips to the store!
Elisha said…
Hilarious..... Would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that grocery! I can somewhat relate! 1 yr old and 2 1/2 yr old at my house and we don't have any family around so I share in your hate for trips to the store!
Sheila said…
Awwh Cathy, you always have an adventure to share and I am LMBO and trying to type in between wiping the tears away(sorry about the ankle though)as I can sincerely relate to the MIL/motorized cart adventures!!! OMGosh. We barely convinced her to start using the cart since the health issues have increased yet she insists on doing her shopping most of the time. Thankfully Tom has been doing well since his surgery and now assists her with shopping. I go one way, get the things we need and meet up with them in the front of the store. He says he usually has to "break trail" because she doesn't care what display she hits or where she is backing up! I laughed so hard the first time he said that. There is always something that has to be picked up or cleaned up in one of the isles! And she wonders why we insisted she not drive herself anywhere anymore!!!!

FYI,the surprise package arrived today! Thank you so much. You'll be seeing some of those goodies in some of my arrangements very soon!
An adult beverage sounds good about now ;-)I'll be thinkin' of ya.
Sorry to hear you didn't have a good day. Hope your o.k. after that fall in the cooler.
Hope you got to put your feet up over the weekend and just work on your project!
Prim Blessings