Friday Morning Weekly Progress Report

Doesn't that just sound all office and professional? 
Friday Morning Weekly Progress Report.
I really do go over the past week at work
on Fridays
make the list for the next week.
This is a
Home Progress Report though.
Six of them.
One down, five to go
progress on each.

Because if you live in an ADD world as I do...
you know one project is never enough.
Forty-five or so is really the magic number
I guarantee
I have at least that many projects started around here!

Some are stashed,
some are blatantly staring me in the face.

These are all the ones
stashed in the living room,
you don't count the doodle art projects started in the one corner
behind the couch.

let's keep that quiet!
Hopefully next Friday
I will have another one finished.
One a week would take me to....
December 19th...
I might have to step up that goal a little!