An Old Girl Scout Song

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
and the other gold.
Remember it?
We sang it in rounds around the campfire.
At 9, 10 and 11 years old,
it really didn't have the meaning
that it does as we get older.
The painting above was done in my first sessions
of learning decorative painting.
It is a pie basket that I have kept for the last
30 years
over and over.
A reminder of a good friend.
This is how I started painting.
Early 20's, at home Mom
with two small little girls,
under the age of two.
I was living in a rural area,
100+ miles from "home".
My NEW friend, Hope,
saw my need to
"get out"
for a little while.
She suggested we take a class.
She had done her homework.
Stained Glass,
Square dancing
Tole Painting.
General clumsiness
the lack of a square dancing parter
quickly eliminated the first two.
So, tole painting it was.
How I loved it!
Hope and I went to many classes together,
traveled to Maryland for a weekend seminar
Oh my, what she started.
Since then,
I have had tons of opportunities,
met so many people
traveled all over with
decorative painting.
Hope and I went different paths in life
disconnected somewhere along the line.
There were years and years
that we didn't see one another
or talk.

Recently, we have reconnected,
once again,
we are taking painting classes.
I missed the first two of the five week series.

Last night we did a washer.
Not earthshattering artwork,
just learning to control
the paint.
Most important of all though,
is time spent
with an old friend.
Back then we were two young mothers
with small children,
sharing stories
enjoying the friendship
we are two "young"
sharing stories
enjoying the friendship!
Only the wrinkles on our face
and the pounds...
well we won't go there,
are different.
So glad to have a "gold" friend
back in my life!


Sheila said…
What a beautiful story Cathy and I do remember singing the Girl Scout song too.
Happy for you that you reconnected with such a special friend!
Bless you,
Oh the joy of friendships rekindled. Love your washer pic its classy, beauty can be found in anything.

Ann said…
how nice to reconnect with an old friend.
Beautiful paintings as usual, Cathy!
So glad to hear that you and your Friend connected again! Take Care
jennifer768 said…
A wonderful story!I am so happy for you and your friend!Hugs,Jen