Museum, Part 2

A few things that I have painted for my Mom
over the years.

And a couple of Mom's quilts.

This is made with one inch squares.
How much patience does that take?

It was so good to be home.
I can't tell you when I was ever as homesick
as I was on Friday. 
Mom is improving some, she sounds better
on the phone,
I hate the 100 miles that seperate us
more than ever right now.
Thank you again for all the prayers! 


Amy said…
Such beautiful painting and the quilts are gorgeous.
Do hope your Mom continues to improve.
Sending good wishes and hugs to you & Mom.
Sheila said…
Cahty I'm glad you are able to be home and I pray your Mom continues to improve. I'm sure it's difficult for you to be needed in two places but perhaps the time back at home with your sweet grandbabies will help bring some joy to your heart. Enjoyed the photos very much.
Catherine said…
Best wishes for your mom's recovery..
You are certainly a talented family!!
You are a wonderful painter.
Those pieces are gorgeous!!!!
Your mom's quilts are lovely too!!!
Hope things continue to improve.
Prayers continued.
Ann said…
Your painted items are great. I wish I could paint like that. Mine look like a 3 year old did
Your moms quilts are gorgeous. I can't imagine all those 1" squares. It would take me years maybe even decades to do all those
Sylvia said…
Gorgeous Cathy. and prayers for your and prayers for your mom