What to title this post?
I thought of
Why I Don't Carry A Gun
But in today's world
That might set off a few alarms.
I also thought
It Is Good That I Have Jesus In My Heart
But that was a little long.
And so 
is the word of the day. 
You will see why later.
This story was originally a very long text
sent to four daughters and a friend. 
A private blog post of sorts.
Dianna thought it was blog worthy.
And so, 
here you go....
keeping in mind that I have never posted a blog post from my phone.
Please be gentle, the punctuation is hard with your thumbs.
First of all,
I am still in Ohio at the hospital
a little more than tired and frustrated, 
and here we go. 
After a fourteen hour shift at the hospital yesterday starting at 5:30am yesterday, fighting icy roads to get home, we arrive again this morning before 6 am.
There is a nice waiting room across the hall from mom's room and I was really glad to see that...
or so I thought. 
When we arrived this morning the waiting room door was closed and there was a recliner bed in there and someone was in there asleep.  
Now over the years and sick parents at far away hospitals,
I have slept in my share of waiting rooms, 
However, I have never made it my personal space!
But whatever...
The incidents that followed baffled me.
The young man got up, wandered to the cafeteria, got his breakfast leaving various clothing items strewn about the waiting room.
He then proceeded back to the waiting room moved the "bed" to a comfortable tv viewing position for him, plopped back down, turned the tv up and proceeded to eat his breakfast laughing loudly at the tv show,
Then he wandered in and out
leaving items everywhere 
until someone finally came and took the bed away 
from him.
Lunch, three take out containers of food spread everywhere, tv loud, loud laughing, 
Crumbs, napkins and straw papers 
What transpired next was something that almost left me
speechless again...
I heard this sound.
Really loud sound.
It woke up my mother.
She asked where the cows were.
It sounded like I was at home and the farmer out
the road had just taken the calves away
from their mothers and the mothers are bawling.
Just like that.
Only in the next room,
in the middle of the city.
Out of my seat and across the hall
and what do I see?
This same young man has a plastic cup
over his mouth and is somehow making this sound
Over and Over

He stopped.
I know I looked like a crazy woman!

The entire rest of the day...
he demanded that an IV nurse go and get him more food,
he kept the tv loud,
he moved all the furniture to suit his needs,
he made a terrible mess of food and debris
and the final straw.
He took the carry out containers and
threw them up in the air and
batted them across the room.

Of course,
my girls thought I was being unkind
complaining about a
mentally challenged young man...
as I am sure you are probably thinking...
he was not mentally challenged,
he was...
the word to describe him...

He had no regard for anyone or anything...
he felt he was
Entitled to behave that way!

When I left the hospital tonight...
he was preparing to stay again.

Update on my mom.
She is still not good. 
They adjusted meds again today.
We begged for one more day.
A kind social worker pulled some strings and got it for us.
Sometimes there are angels sent to help you in things like that.
Do we have everything fixed?
I am not sure.
We will see what tomorrow brings.

In the meantime.
If I didn't have Jesus in my heart....
well it is just good I don't carry a gun.


rrived th


Bev said…
Yes Jesus sure keeps us out of trouble, been there myself a few times. So sorry though that not only you but others I bet were put out of a place meant to be quiet time for family to deal with why loved ones are in there to begin with. Very inconsiderate and I believe should have been addressed by those in charge. I know you can handle most anything but should not have to be put in this type of situation. Sure hope your Mom goes home tomorrow and continues in the right healing direction
acorn hollow said…
this man was he a patient?
and where was the charge nurse?
If he wasn't a patient where was security?
Oh I would have said something. And my husband would have been embarrassed that I did.
So why is he entitled to be there? Something doesn't sound right to me.

Glad your mom is getting better, hang in there.

Susannah said…
I can't believe you held your tongue ...you are a grand lady! Me on the other hand...probably would have reported him to someone and embarrassed whomever was with me!!!!!!!!!!
jennifer768 said…
Well I personally commend you for holding your tongue as long as you did!I for one don't think I would have been able to control the urge as long as you.I am with Cathy(acorn hollow) where were the hospital staff? My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.Hugs,Jen
I believe you did have Jesus in your heart, Jesus also corrected bad behavior. I have been there done that! I worked on the surgery floor at a local hospital, and some of the things that I saw, and how some people acted just truly amazed me. Some people have no manors or consideration for others! I hope your mother is doing better, and you have a better night and day to follow!
Sheila said…
Yes Cathy it is a good thing you have Jesus and not a gun. Unbelievable that people can be so inconsiderate, though I witnessed a similar situation while Tom was in the hospital last summer. A small waiting room down the hall had a tv, small counter area with microwave, fridge etc. for "family" members to use when needed. I realize money is very tight for everyone these days. There was a couple who literally "camped out" in there for several days!!! When my daughter and I would take a break to make phones calls to update family we would leave Tom's room and go in there as we thought we could instead of hanging out in the hallway, etc. These people acted like we were intruding on their private space! After 2 days I said something to one of the clerks in the NCCU and not long after they were gone. We were in a trauma unit with lots of people needing that room for reasons it was intended for.
Continued prayers for your Mom.
Holly said…
Oh wow! The nerve of some people really leave me with my mouth hanging open sometimes. It is so sad how much of our society feels they are "entitled" to so much. Ugh. Hope your mom is better today and you don't have to deal with that person anymore.
Teresa said…
WOW, it still amazes me how people can be so disrespectful. Some one from the hospital should have stepped up.
Prayers to you and your mother.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
Laurie said…
Oh Cathy, it could only happen to you! Sometimes I think God puts you in the middle of things just to keep us entertained!! I'm glad you're mom's doing better, hope all continues to go that way. I've been where you are with my Mom. Bless You!
Ann said…
oh wow, that is unbelievable. I can't believe that no one did anything about him.
Hope things go better for your mom. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers
annie said…
I try to be nice too, but there was no way I would have put up with all that. Hope things go better for your MOM & you all.