Warm and Fuzzy?

Looks all warm and fuzzy,
doesn't it? 
Soft and warm

In retrospect,
everything I worked on yesterday
had this look.

Soft and pastel,
fuzzy and warm,

Even this painting,

finished up in the AM,
not my normal colors,
soft and pastel...
Well, it didn't fit the mood of the day,
believe me.
Hang on,
because this is the brutal truth.
I was mad.
Mad at the World.
When I get mad, I cry.
Attempted to go to church.
Barely holding it together,
it was a bad decision.
Sometimes, I really believe that
church attendance
is not always a good choice.
And it wasn't.
I tried,
quiet tears kept flowing....
JWS looks at me and says,
"If you didn't have Jesus in your heart
right now,
you would take off that high heel
and drive it right through
someone's forehead,
wouldn't you?"
he gets me!
Slight chuckle,
through the tears,
I asked him if we could just
slip out...
And he said,
"Of course."
And we did.
Sometimes stress and grief,
can just get the best of a person.
My advice,
"Have Jesus in your heart,
don't wear high heels,
just in case."


Sheila said…
Thinking of you.
Teresa said…
Been getting caught up on your blog. First so sorry about your dear friend and then you mom's ER visit. You have been thru alot.
Don't feel bad about leaving churh, a couple of months ago I had a really bad morning after a bad week with our new one at the house. I drove her and I to church knowing I was about to lose it. Well sitting in church next to my daughter I did and asked her to bring the little one home after church I was leaving before I cried too loud or injured someone. So just wanted you to know it happens to others. I know God knew I loved him but just couldn't sit in his home that Sunday morning.
Lots of prayers being sent your way.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches
jennifer768 said…
Big hugs my friend!We all have those times!Hugs,Jen
Catherine said…
Love that he gets you! Hugs...
I'm sorry Cathy. Jesus knows how you feel, tell it to him and cry it out. Hope you are feeling better.