Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Various stages of incompletion.

As usual, I have way too many projects started. It is the Crafter ADD kicking in for me. I see these things and I just have to start them so that I won't forget what I wanted to do with them. Thank goodness we have Knitting Night tonight. One of these projects..or two is going with me and hopefully will come back home finished.
I love these colors but what a pain this project is becoming. This is an experiment in knitting with cotton fabric, a little tricky but it is working. This works up fast and I am hoping that I can finish this tonight. Amazing what a new blade in the rotary cutter will do. What was I waiting for?
I bought this roll of fabric at the flea market at the beginning of May and made a little pact with myself that I would not buy anything at June's flea market unless I had finished and put to use everything that I had bought at the previous month's. (This pact does not apply to yard sale and Goodwill purchases in case the you are reading this my dear husband) Oh yes, and it does not apply to yarn purchases either. Baby steps. Back to the fabric, I was going to make this for one of my spare bedrooms but I think that I am going to add some green and red and put it on the front porch. Back to the sewing room and the rotary cutter.

I have had this lunch box and watering can sitting in my painting area for a few weeks (translation...months) waiting for inspiration AND the time to paint them.

And....ta finished project! This is knitted from t-shirt yarn, the first time that I tried to knit it. I have crocheted it before. This is for my table on the deck.

My neice was here from Atlanta and she wanted to learn to make the t-shirt yarn and to knit. Wow, to be that young again and pick things up so fast. What a difference a young mind makes! We really enjoyed her and enjoyed having a "kid" in the house again. It was like having one of our girls home again, the visit was all too short and now the house is quiet again.


Cath's Pennies Designs said...

Oh Cathy, I'm exactly the same way about projects. I can't control it, I just try to deal with it.
I really REALLY like those mats you're making with the fabric strips. I haven't done knitting for ... well ... YEARS, but I might give that a try. If I asked you to show the finished pieces, maybe that will help you to finish it! So ... Will you please show your finished work? Especially the knitted mats made from fabric strips. :D

Jenny said...

Hey, Cathy! Noticed the title of your post and just had to stop by for a visit (it was as though the title was screaming from my very own studio!). It's been a long time since my last visit (haven't been bloggin' for quite a spell!). Absolutely LOVE your new look! It's a beauty!

My daughter and I are hoping to learn the craft of knitting soon. Do you know of any classes in the area? Your work is always so lovely.