Books, yarn, and flea market finds

Gayle had posted and asked for a before pic of the books. These are just paper mache books that I find at Pat Catans. I have not seen them at any other craft store though. They are inexpensive paper mache books. The ones on the left are a little larger than the favors and the ones on the right are the same size as the favors but they are a little smoother and the inside paper is lined. I know that Pat Catans is a more regional shop but I would think that any shop that carries a big line of paper mache would have them. They are all in the .50 to 1.50 price range. I keep one in my purse all the time for little notes and I use one at Christmas for my Christmas shopping lists. Another HUGE thanks to Kathy and Patti for bringing me more yarn for the Haitian ladies. I did not get a chance to go through it at all this week, it has been so hectic, so this morning I finally took it all upstairs and looked through it and will now go back and pack it into the yarn closet. Everyone has been so generous with this project, can't wait to take it and share it, the ladies will be so appreciative of all of you!

A few of my finds from last weeks' jaunt to Hazen Flea Market, and one little late evening stop at a yard sale after delivering. Why wouldn't all yard sales stay open until 7 in the evening? My friends have my mind thinking altered art and now I am picking up old paper. I love the old hymns and can already see some projects in my mind! I wish that I could see the time to do them in my mind!
The rest of my Hazen finds are here. Again, I can see them all in my mind..well except for the wheel, if anyone has any suggestions for that, I'll take them. I just kept stacking up stuff and the wheel just sort of fell into the stack. The navy blue item is lined with old velvet, it must have been a jeweler's tray or something and I want to do a collage of some old things that I have here, some of them from my grandmother and hang it in my sewing room. The fabric is to supplement what I already have for a rug in my one "guest" room.
Any suggestions on the wheel? I'll gladly take them.


Cindy said…
What a cool wheel!!! Yes I have a project!! or 2!!

this last one I want to do, but using fish line to hang clear bulbs.

love the old wood boxes!
Gayle said…
Thanks so much for posting before pictures of the journals - you've done an amazing transformation with them!
luv2teek said…
Love your flea mkt. finds--the tote looks neat.

I am sure you will do wonders with your altered art adventures...with your artist's eye and touch, your creations will be great...can't wait to see some.

Glad your weekend with friends was wonderful!
Meggie said…
I'm not very creative so I don't have any suggestions for the wheel but I sure would like to see what creative things you do with each of your finds.