What I've been working on...

This is the bedding for my daughter's baby nursery. I have been working on items to match it for the last few days every chance that I get. When the last baby was born, it seems as though I had so much more time to prepare and make things for the nursery, could it be the addition of another baby has taken so much more time? I don't like to keep going back to the surgery, but it really has taken a chunk of time out of spring. I am really enjoying making things for her though and even if I don't have them all done by the shower this Saturday, I still have a little over a month before the baby arrives to finish some of the other items that I have in mind.

Meanwhile, the Princess is upstairs sleeping away. I have never kept her all night that it did not turn into a non-sleeping event for both of us. Usually she fights me to go to sleep and fights me to stay asleep. Last night I laid her in the pack and play at 8:40 and by nine she was fast asleep and has slept all night! What a relief! I did not want her to be afraid to stay at Grammie and Papa's house. That was really bugging me that she would not stay with us.

We played all evening and I took her to the playground and she loved the swings and slide. Maybe I just wore her out. I know I was tired. This morning is the morning that I keep her and the boys so that the Moms can go to kickboxing class and then I go to the doctor for my final release from the surgery....hot tub here I come. I have really missed relaxing there for a little bit in the evenings!


Bren said…
What fun to have the little one stay over at Grammie and Papa's! Hope your Dr visit goes well and you get your release, then you can enjoy the hot tub.
Have a Great day.
Hugs, Bren
pammyjo said…
I'm so glad little princess did well on the overnight. I know the scenario. LOL Things worked out great on our second overnight too. I'm sure this nursery will be darling with that pretty bedding and your special items. Can't wait to see pics. Have a great week.