What happened?

How did my life get this crazy? An entire week and no blogging!? I think that the whole recovery thing caught up with me at work and home and since I could no longer use that as an excuse...well let's just say I had a real reality check! I got seriously chewed out by a customer and while he was not entirely right in his accusations, I realized that I was slacking a little, but hey I did have surgery, that excuse was not really working for him though, so I realized it was time to crack down and clear things out and work some longer days. Enough of that moment though.

I have no creative items to show for two reasons. The only things that I am working on are for my daughter's shower gifts for this Saturday and she reads this and I want everything to be a surprise and two...the camera is at work for taking pics of items that I needed artwork for....back to the cracking down at work thing...but it is Saturday and I am leaving it all there for the weekend anyway.

Fun events of the past week.
1. We took our 3 year old grandson bowling Tuesday night. What entertainment he is! I laughed until tears rolled down my face and my stomach hurt, everyone needs to laugh like that at least once a week!
2. I am taking Tuesday mornings off to watch all three of my grandchildren so that the girls can take a kickboxing class...personally I think that I am the one that gets more exercise with the three kids, at least that is my excuse for not exercising! They are so fun together and the little Princess is not taking any abuse from the boys...I think that she is dishing it out!
3. Took Logan, the two year old to run some errands the other night and what a joy he is! He is the most gentle, calm, obedient child, such a sweet disposition....and now I think that I know every word to Highway by Rascal Flatts, we listened to it over and over and over and over the entire time he was with me....he just kept saying AGAIN!
4. Thursday night was our Ladies Banquet at our church and John cooks for it. He does a great job with it, it was a job that his father had done many years ago and now he is carrying on the tradition.
5. I finally got to ride my bike! It has been a long winter...I am not a winter rider like my husband and the nice days this spring...well let's just say my dear husband's comment was "If you can't run the vacuum cleaner, I don't think that you can lift an 800 pound Harley" I get my final release on Tuesday, so I jumped the gun a little last night and we rode a 20 mile circle and went out to dinner with friends. How nice to feel the wind and the power and the rumble of the bike! I was loving it!

Off to my daughter's today for a belated Mother's Day craft morning! She has an outdoor craft project for us to do this morning. I can't wait, how fun is this? I'll try to remember to go get my camera so that I can take pics!

Have to try to fit in catching up on all of the posts that I have missed!


Cindy said…
I felt the same way!! It's Saturday morning and my RSS is FILLED!! I'm going to have to break them down into small breaks.......

But you had quite a list of fun things done this week, I think the grandkids just make life 100% better. They can always make a down person feel like laughing!

Have a great weekend!
pammyjo said…
I was getting a little worried about ya. I'm so glad you got out and felt the wind and rumble. Little things mean a lot when you have been cooped up. Enjoy your weekend. I've been in more of an organizational mood than creative. I hope there is some sun today, to get me out of this slump. :)
Colleen said…
Good grief, Charlie Brown....I can see why you didn't have time to blog!!!

Have a great weekend and I hope next week will be better for you at work :) (I'm soooo glad I'm retired...LOL)
You have a Harley??? My husband has had Harleys for as long as I've known him. I can't say that he rides in the winter, but he does have his leather chaps that he wears in colder weather. Riding it to and from work saves on gas. Just one more thing we have in common, although, nope, I've never owned one myself.