Amish Auction and The Strip District

The best of both worlds would describe what we have... Thursday afternoon my daughter, the Princess and I went to Pittsburgh to the Strip District to get supplies for the shower tomorrow. I love to go in Schorin's for all the tablewares. They have such a great selection of plates and cups and tablecloths and placemats in about any color and it is so well arranged and the people there are so friendly! I love the hustle and bustle and energy of The Strip District, sometimes it ALMOST makes me think that I could live in the city, however..... This morning a friend of mine introduced me to the Produce Auction that the Amish have in Smicksburg, Pa and I realize that the country is the place for me. There is something about standing in that open air auction building bidding on flowers and produce realizing that this is part of your "culture" in the country that I could just not give up that makes me realize that although I was born and raised in the city, I think that I am a country girl at heart.

These will be the centerpieces and some of the gifts for the shower tomorrow...I think that I am ready, hope that it all goes off without any problems. I'll have pics tomorrow of the shower and of the items that I painted and made for the baby's room. We have back to back events tomorrow, I have the shower in the morning...a breakfast shower and we have a wedding in the afternoon and evening to attend. It will be a day of celebrations.


pammyjo said…
The shower will be lovely. I hope the mommy to be gets a lot of wonderful gifts. It just seems we had our lil ones shower ... now she's six months. You have so much joy coming your way. Blessings, P
Best wishes for a wonderful day tomorrow. I wish I could be a little mouse in the corner!! Have a great weekend. ~Natalie
Karen said…
Good luck with the shower - it should be just beautiful.
Now I'm wondering where this Strip District is....we were visiting relatives 2 years ago and they took us downtown - or near it anyway to a place that was old warehouses, etc....all converted to shops, markets, flower shops, restarurants - and I think that's what they said it was. I LOVED IT!!!
But you are are right - nothing beats the natural beauty of the country and nature and seeing those that grow the products...sell their products.
Holly said…
Have a wonderful day Cathy! Enjoy your family! Congratulations on the new baby too! All of your altered decorations look amazing!

I've been wanting to go to the auction - you'll have to tell me a little more! I hope to talk to you this week.

Your flower balls on your porch look great - I can't wait to see how they grow! I've never seen any like that!
The Strip district is so much fun. We try to go on Fridays or Saturdays when all the vendors are out on the sidewalks. It's a great part of Pittsburgh but I'm with you ... I'd much rather be in the country and just visit the city now and then. Hope you have a wonderful, funfilled day tomorrow!