Baby shower

The shower is over and back to "normal" life again. Dear Hubby says that life for him has not been "normal" since I married him and that he has accepted that it will not be, but I think that it is going to be more calm now. Of course we do have Bible School to get ready for now......
These are the items that I made for Shelby for the nursery. They were such pretty colors to work with, I still have a few more things that I would like to get done for her, one is a painting with the baby's name but since she won't tell us that yet, it will have to wait until after the little girl arrives.

This is all the verses to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, who even knew that there were more verses...I did not. I printed them out on vellum and decoupaged them to the canvas. I found this old frame at a flea market and the brown velvet trim worked out perfect for her room.

Shelby and I had switched vehicles a few weeks ago and when I got mine back, the tailgate was full of things that she MEANT to take to Goodwill and forgot about. We have laughed over her leaving her things in there and when I did take them to Goodwill finally, I found those star baskets in with her stuff and grabbed them as they were unloaded. They were metallic gold and had tacky Christmas greens in them. She really got a laugh out of opening them up...and getting them back.

I did not get a pic of the afghan that I made for the baby. I decided to make it last Saturday and finished it this Thursday, needless to say, my house is a disaster. With working longer hours this past week and getting ready for this, the house and the yard has had no attention.

These are the baby's cousins. One from each side of the family. Shelby's MIL had two sons and this baby, Peyton, was her first grandchild and another boy. She is really excited to be getting a girl finally and well, let's just say that little girl will probably never have a need for clothing. These two were so gentle with one another, not the rough and tumble way that Gracelyn is with Tyler and Logan. She holds her own with them.

Lots of yummy breakfast!

Gracelyn thought that the rocking horse was hers, my dad has made one for each of his three great-granddaughters now.

And then when the shower was over, John and I regrouped, redressed and after a quick stop here at my MIL's, we were off to a wedding yesterday. Seven in the morning until 11 at night is way too long to wear high heels.

It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, and a perfect setting. Our church is in the country and it was a nice day and the reception was at the country club. The food was delicious and the bride loves ice cream so the cake was ice cream cake and the favors were ice cream scoops, very unique!
My neice is here for a visit from Georgia, she stayed at my daughter's house last night and I get to have her for the next few days. Can't wait to spend some time with her.


Wow, you made some wonderful things for the baby's the stars:)

So nice to see you and hubby and what a very trim lady you look great! Glad you had a good time:)
Bren said…
Wow, I LOVE everything you made for the baby's nursery! You are so talented. It looks like it was a very nice shower.
A great pic of you and hubby, a very nice looking couple.
Have a good time with your niece.
Hugs, Bren
Holly said…
Oh Cathy! The items you made for your baby girl are adorable! I'm always so inspired by the things you make! Very, very nice!! I'm glad things went well for you guys!

You guys look great! You look so skinny!!! My goodness!

Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend!
Karen said…
Cathy this is one awesome shower. Everything looks just beautiful as well as those BEAUTIFUL gifts you made...they are just adorable.

what a beautiful photo of you and your love!!!!

Hugs, Karen
pammyjo said…
What wonderful gifts, they are super. Luv the star theme. Looks like she had a great turn out and alot of other gifts. You are the creative queen. Have fun visiting with your niece. Hug,:O)
BurttBunch said…
The stuff for the nursery is just beautiful! You and your hubby look good too! Glad it was a good day for all!

Enjoy this long weekend!
Laurie said…
That's one lucky little girl, to have such a talented gramma. Things she'll cherish for the rest of her life! Mine are displayed all over my house, with quite the compliments!
Yes, I, too, love all the things you made for the baby shower. It looks like you had a wonderful day...full of celebration. Happy Holiday ~Natalie