Altered Art? Acting my age? Duck, Duck Goose

These are some of my first attempts at "altered art" or I think that is what you would call them. Am I right? They will be the centerpeices/prizes for my daughter's baby shower on Saturday along with a plant on each table. They are to coordinate with the favors that I had such amazing help with.
Hopefully I can get the other seven done before then...and what a mess this all makes, my painting table has NEVER looked so bad, thankfully no one goes to that part of the house except for John and I .
As I was sitting in the gynecologist's office at 1:30 yesterday I thought...what is my age? I had Gracelyn in the morning to get ready and out the door and although it did not seem that long ago that my kids were little, I really have to think to get her and I ready and everything packed and out the door by 8 in the morning. At that point I feel OLD! I took her to watch the boys while my daughter and step-daughter go to a kickboxing class. When Logan woke up, we all went up to get him and all three of them climb onto Grammie giggling to be carried down the stairs together, one on each hip and one piggyback. I should be a 25 year old weightlifter for that...combined they weigh over 100 pounds, and the doctor says no heavy lifting, but has he ever heard them giggle like that? After that, I went to work for a little while and then on the bike for the 80 mile roundtrip to the doctor's office, that makes me feel young...riding the bike, I love gassing it and feeling like I am flying, leaning into the curves, I feel 20 again! Then I sit down in the doctor's office and pull out my knitting and I I 80? sitting here knitting?
Tyler looked at all of us yesterday morning and said, "I think I have an idea" It is one of his favorite sayings and when I hear it I jump to attention. Some of his ideas can involve HUGE messes and you have to stop him BEFORE he puts them into action. This one was not. He counted 1,2,3,4....Gracelyn, Logan, him and I and said "I think we have enough to play Duck, Duck, Goose" Needless to say while we tried, Gracelyn and Logan did not grasp the concept so it basically turned into chasing Tyler around the house and him, of course giggling. Running in the house? Did I forget that rule somewhere?


Cindy said…
These are absolutely beautiful!!

And I believe that is why God gives us grandchildren, to keep us young at heart. Sure they do wipe us out, and we fall when they leave, but we keep up with them the whole time they're with us...keeps the heart pumping. My mom is 79, she had her last child when she was 42, and I think we kept her young at heart into her 60's just because she had young children.........
You have to take pictures of the tables at the shower so we can see the finished look:)

Yes, they do keep us young but on the days when I watch them I'm exhausted when bed time comes:) But I just love to play with them, yesterday Samantha and I were at the local playground and she turned to me and said " Do you want to play with me?" So cute...she wanted me to slide down the sliding board...I passed though didn't want to break a hip.LOL
Have a great day!
BurttBunch said…
Such sweet memories you are making with your grandkids!
Hope the check up went well!
Laurie said…
So much for no heavy lifting!! :) You'll be young for a long time, kids tend to keep us that way. Enjoy!
Phillane E'lee said…
wonderful frames. Hope the check up went well and you are ready for more time with the kids.
pammyjo said…
Yes ... I love it when they bring out our young at heart! I loved my little girls laugh, my grandbabies laugh and my great granbaby laughs.I just want to burst with joy when you have those moments with them. You are such a good grammy. I hope the doc visit went well and I'm sure the shower will be beautiful Love your altered art. Very creative job.