Morning at the Auction, Night with an Insomniac

There is a twice weekly auction here that sells produce from the Amish. Fun to attend, but really cold yesterday morning. Jenn has been making this wonderful dipping mustard that we all can't seem to get enough of so yesterday AM, we positioned my MIL at the shop, (John had left for camp for the weekend) and we headed out to hopefully find more hot peppers for her to make some more. The thoughts are that she can sell it at the open house we are having...if we don't eat it all first. Ever heard of auction fever? I have experienced it a few times, but have stopped John in the middle of it many times. Jenn is confused with what the auctioneer is saying and I say, "It is no problem, you just have to pay how this works." Seventy one dollars, eight boxes of green peppers (and that was after I begged off taking SEVENTEEN boxes) and a full car later, we laughed about that statement. We did also buy three boxes of tomatoes, five pecks of the hot peppers, fifty pounds of baking potatoes, and nineteen bunches of Indian Corn. In my travels and deliveries yesterday afternoon, I did manage to give away some of the potatoes, peppers and Indian Corn. Jenn took four boxes of the peppers and found a recipe on the internet for green pepper relish and thought she would make some salsa with the tomatoes. I was so glad to take half of this out at her house.

So today I will be freezing green peppers. I also managed to sell one box yesterday....they were only $2 per box, what I thought was a great deal!
I did manage to finish these two checkerboards. I didn't have quite enough stars for the checkers on this one, have them on my list for next time I get to town. This one ended up almost too primitive for my liking.

This is number four, hopefully after peppers, bows on the Indian Corn, a little cleaning, maybe a nap, I'll get number five done, then onto snowmen projects that are all basecoated and waiting.

I picked Gracelyn up after work, it was going to be Gramma and Gracelyn night. I get those so rarely. I see Gracelyn, but don't seem to get her alone. I was so excited! We were going to the Ladies Tea at church and then home to read books and a sleepover. She is the only grandchild so far that really LIKES to have books read to her.
At 1:30 and the 13th reading of Put Me In The Zoo, fourth taped episode of Max and Ruby, sippy cup and binky in hand, I finally called her mother and asked what to do with her. Her answer...turn out the lights and put her in long as you entertain her, she won't go to sleep.

Wish I would have known that at 9!


Oh, I'd love to help you with all of your looks delicious.

That sounds like one smart little girl. Of course she's not going to sleep when Grandma is entertaining her!!

Did you post pics of your new glasses? I might have missed it??

Happy Saturday! ~Natalie
Molly Griffith said…
Oh my word! That is SO FUNNY!
Lesley said…
Oh dear, entertainment for Gracelyn, she didn't want to miss a thing. Too funny.
Have fun with the peppers. It's always good to have extras in the freezer, you never know when it will come in handy.
Have a great weekend Cath.
Terry said…
Those grandbabies are adorable!
We have Amish auctions near here too, and I do know how carried away a husband can get! lol!
Love everything you're working on!