More painting and nature

Finished these items this week, still cramming for the open house. The middle of this is chalkboard paint. I'd like to get a few more of these made. And more snowmen...

Thursday evening I had to do a "favor" painting that I have been putting off. A man had brought some slate to me late in the summer and wanted a stone in front of his house painted with his name on it. I have been procrastinating that job for over a month. I finally ran out the other night after work and got it finished. It really didn't take that long...why do I do that?
These are pics from on the way home from there. I forgot, of course to take a pic of the stone once it was painted.

Wish that I could have got a clearer pic of these birdhouses. They are all along this road.

And these little friends stopped to pose once I almost hit them.

This bush is in my MIL's yard. Every year it just glows with color.

And these mums started from this little start of a plant that I had years ago. They have been passed out and given away to who knows how many people. They are the heartiest mums I have ever grown.


pammyjo said…
I so love your painting. It's all wonderful, but I'm drooling over your snowmen. The wood pieces are such interesting shapes. Good luck, though I doubt you need it for the open house. The chalk board idea rocks!
Suzanne said…
Really cute projects that you finished!
Love your snowmen. Are those cabinet doors??? Awesome job!
Lesley said…
Hi Cathy
oh I love everything but the snowmen are the cutest. I am doing snowmen myself lately. Will be on my blog hopefully tomorro and an angel canvas.
Those mums are incredible.
Good luck getting your open house ready.
:) xo