Where does the time go? Life seemed to kick into high gear this last week, coming home from New Orleans, still not having my computer up and running at work, all those green peppers, and oh my gosh...our open house is just weeks away. Saturday I buckled down and got lots of painting finished.

The fifth checkerboard. Sure hope someone likes these...or five someones. Some more snowmen items.
Still need to put the finishing touches on these, some greenery, homespun, and tags...and oh yeah, where is that little bulb thingie for the percolator?

Really primitive old sled.

And some star items.

Tyler's new favorite toy at our house is my camera. He gets lots of interesting shots.

I managed to grab it long enough to get these shots. Logan just loves Kendall. He wants to hold her and have her sit by him. Sometimes Kendall doesn't seem to want to be loved by Logan though. That is what this expression tells me.

This is Gracelyn after the insomniac night..doesn't she look fresh and happy? Notice you don't see a pic of Gramma after that night.

I am off on a shop hop of sorts with my Mom and her quilting friends today. They drive here from Ohio and then I map out a route of quilt shops to take them to for the day. Of course I left the planning of the route to the last minute and was searching for shops last night. Thanks to Nina and Grandma Nina's for the tips. I'll let everyone know how that goes!


Have fun on your quilt route and just love your snowmen and very nice and prim!
Dawn said…
I've said it before, but you are a fabulous painter. Oh, to be able to paint like that!!! Everything is just beautiful. Good luck with the open house.
Bren said…
Love all your painting!! I think I need one of those checkerboards, lol. Cute little faces, such fun to have around.
Have fun shopping.
Hugs, Bren
pammyjo said…
Darling pics. Fabulous painting as usual. Have fun on the quilt shop hop. I think your blog header should have an Eveready Bunny in it. LOL Giggle!
Amber said…
Cathy - All your goodies look wonderful! Oh my, do I love that old sled!
cwa said…
Your creations are fabulous as usual. I wouldn't be worried about selling those beauties. I have a feeling when folks see them, they will snatch them right up. Blessings.
Laurie said…
The sled is awesome Cathy, I love it! Well actually I love it all! The kids are so precious. And grow so fast! Enjoy your road trip!
Meggie said…
Oh Cathy, your primitive snowmen are adorable! So creative! I'm headed to the Washington County Christmas Crafters Show this weekend. Have never been there before.