They just seem to go hand in hand for me. I wake up with all these ideas and I have to get up and act on them. I feel pretty sure that I will be feeling the results of this about suppertime.
I painted these quite awhile ago and never got them finished. Finally fired up the glue gun this morning in an effort to stay in the basement and not wake John.

Some stuff that has been laying around and did not escape the glue gun this morning.

And these pumpkins that I picked up last week at Michaels for .99 each. I have three more that need finished. I found all these crows in my stash, never know what you even have until you dig.

And now for my gross story of the day. John and my MIL have these friends from where they used to live...used to live in something like 40 years ago. There are not many of them left, thank goodness, but the ones that still come to visit can be real characters. Sometimes their visits are quick and painless, other times they just leave me shaking my head. Yesterday was one of those. This friend, old, newly single and I seriously think he is crushing on my MIL, stopped with a friend of HIS. This man, the friend, settled into the lunch table, asking questions, watching us work, getting up every now and then for closer looks at what we were doing (translated...get in the way) Finally he settled down and out of the corner of my eye, I see him whip out a ziploc bag and snuff, take out his teeth, put them in the ziploc bag and put a wad of snuff in his mouth and continue talking through the entire event. Some events in life just leave me speechless.


Betsy said…
WOW,I love all your creations. Maybe I should try that when I wake up and can't sleep.

Your story about the friend of your husband's friend is just too funny. I would have been shaking my head too! (I prob. would have had to leave the room to keep from laughing in front of him!!)

Have a great day.

Suzanne said…
I'll try not to get side-tracked by that last story. All your creations are fabulous. Those little pumpkins with the crows are especially adorable.

Now for your story...I guess people like that really do exist. I always thought they were made up, exaggerated characters in books. ;o)
Grandma Nina said…
I love the little pumpkins. Going on little sleep works for you. I'm the same way. I wake up really early and just have to get up and do. I can't just lay there thinking about a project.
I can't believe that guy actually took his teeth out!
Laurie said…
I laughed til I cried! I wish my niece and I had been there! Robyn would have died right in front of him. OMG! Cathy I can't quit laughing!!!!!!

Love the crafts!! Everyone of them is just too precious!!
Molly Griffith said…
uh huh. another episode. tune in next week when you hear john say, "which old crow were you talking about?" and "what do you mean you used hot glue on him?"
Lois said…
Oh my gosh Cathy!
I was enjoying a bowl of cereal when I read the last part of your blog. I almost choked on it when I started laughing. I am still giggling while I wipe myself and my keyboard off. That whole situation was just wrong. Who in the world carries a Ziploc baggie for their teeth? Ewww......
But to fair to the gentleman, dentures are expensive and chewing tobacco would do a real stain job on them so it really was a thrifty move on his part....but he could have excused himself to the bathroom or outside to do it.
I'm still laughing. I don’t know how you kept a straight face.
Thanks for making me laugh Cathy, I really did need that.