How i spent my Saturday Vacation

And entire FREE day! Woohoo! Really! Nothing at all to do, no where to go, no one to see, nothing! Those just don't happen too often, now how to fill it up? Oh, there was laundry to do, several trips up and down the driveway to my MIL's since we still can't wash at our house, and there was some vacuuming to do and wouldn't you know the sweeper quit sucking. Several nasty words, some banged up fingers, a knitting needle shoved through the hose to unclog it AND the "wash every six months, I just found this after two years" filter cleaned, the sweeper was back up and running. By then, I was out of the mood to sweep.
So I retreated to my sewing room and the guest (otherwise known as another place to store your stash) room and I played, ALL DAY!
I dumped out cupboards, I sorted and stacked and cut. Found these already cut, two inch squares. I can see pillows or maybe pin cushions. And cut. Four, five and six inch squares, some for me, some for the ladies at the church, some for baby quilts, always nice to have one of those ready.
And cut, strips for locker hooking.

And cut, heavier fabrics and linings for walker bags. If I don't get them sewn, they are ready for the ladies at the church to sew.

And when I finally hit the recliner last night, I made progress on these pennies that have been calling me.

Some finished bags.

And more.

So that is how I spent my Saturday. My dear husband went on an eight mile run as part of his training for a half marathon. I like mine way better!


Kay said…
Now that's what I call a productive day.... love the sure to show your finished project. Also, you inspired me to do some lockerhooking. I played with that last weekend but now need to cut some strips.
Jenny said…
Wow. I'm ashamed to say I dusted.
Jenny said…
Goodness Gracious, Girlie!! Quiet the productive day, I'd say!! I know just how you feel ... to have a quiet day to yourself? Pure BLISS ... :)
Lois said…
Cathy....I am green-eyed.
Lucky you!
I am so glad you had a great day!