This is what my yard looked like when I came home from work today. I knew that they were going to dig, but nothing really prepared me for this. The GAS company (follow any of my earlier rants) decided to replace the lines in the ditch across from our house over a year ago. Ever since we have had water in the basement of our house. See that hill across the road? Apparently there were some good springs on that hill that ran out in the ditches that the gas company closed in. It even blew up the middle of the road one time. Since the pecking order in all of life is this, First: God, Second: IRS, Third: Peoples Natural Gas Company of Pennsylvania, and from what I see, God and the IRS are hanging onto their spots by a thin line right now, we were left to somehow fix the problem ourselves. So here we go! We have to redirect the water that they redirected onto us to somewhere else. Will it be someone else's problem now? I don't think so, but who knows? In the meantime, we have dirt (mud) and lots of it.
But, look how nice they laid out my stones so that I could put them back in so easily. Nice guys!

See the bottom of this pic, another place that they arranged the stones.

So, I am going through this list of things I want to do tomorrow, boil eggs so that the boys can dye them tomorrow night, color my hair (wow, was that bad when I emerged from the sickness), paint the birthday present for my son-in-law (better late than never), clean out the plastic cupboard and run to get Easter Egg dyes, when it happened, the wrench in the plans for the day...dear hubby says, "It would be really nice if you would serve lunch on the deck for the guys" Readjust, Review, Rethink, Replan! What the heck am I going to cook? Ideas, please!


Kay said…
bar-b-ques and potato salad from the deli.... (the bar-b-ques may be called sloppy joes in your area)
A box of fried chicken from the nearest fast food joint!!
Patti said…
I agree with the sloppy joes, quick and easy. A couple bags of chips to go with it. Hope you don't get rain for awhile, the mud......
Lois said…
Hey Cathy, have hubby start up the BBQ and let him cook hamburgers for the guys.
You make/buy pasta and potato salad and buy/make lemonade.
Easy Smeasy