Ride 'em Cowboy!

My Dad builds rocking horses and I always get the job of painting them. Seems as though we have had a lot of rocking horses for little girls so when this one was for a boy, I had to think on it for a little while. A Pinto Pony seemed like just the thing. This one was by far the most fun to paint.

I looked for a silver concho to glue on and then just decided to paint one rather than keep looking.

And of course he needed a bandanna.

The finished product.

I am once again an "empty nester" I have had a week and a half of having at least one grandchild staying with me and last night when I was alone it was sort of sad. I miss them! Most of all I am going to miss the smile and 'Good morning" this morning. Not to worry though, I pick up Kendall at 7:20 for the day and Logan should arrive at 9. Not lonely for long!


Beautiful pony!!! You and Dad compliment each other very well. Does Dad sell these?
Jody said…
What an incredible piece! Love this!
That is just beautiful.........!
A whole lot of LOVE went into that!
Lois said…
Wow!!! What a great painter you are!!! To paint that concho!!! I would have still been looking for one!!!! I like to have that 3-D effect on my pieces.'

Lois L.
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
As always, you did an awesome job. The pony is perfect!
I know what you mean about missing the grandbabies when they arn't around.
Thanks for sharing.
Lois S.
pammyjo said…
I so love this, as all your pieces. Just precious.:)