Didn't see that one coming.

Both of my grandsons were at work with their mother and I. Both of them were wound up, kicking balls, throwing balls, running, laughing. We hated to stop their fun, but well, it was getting a little out of hand. We gathered all the balls, we encouraged them to play something else. That actually went better than you would think. Later in the day, Tyler spots a golf ball on my desk. In a perfect, organized world, you would not have a random golf ball on your desk, but that is obviously not my world. Tyler asks for the golf ball. The conversation goes like this.
Tyler: Gramma Cathy, can I pullease have that golf ball? (notice how when pleading, please becomes two syllables.)
Me: Promise me that you will not throw the golf ball.
Tyler: I promise that I will not throw the golf ball.
Me: Promise me that you will not kick the golf ball.
Tyler: I promise that I will not kick the golf ball.
Me: If I see you kicking or throwing the golf ball, I can take it off of you.
Tyler: If you see me throwing or kicking the golf ball, you can take it off of me.
Me: Here is the golf ball and remember you PROMISED not to throw or kick it.
Tyler: Thank-you, now where is my bat?
as he runs to get the bat and I sit there shaking my head, saying "I didn't see that one coming!"

Still sewing and cutting. I made this dress for Gracelyn yesterday. I found the flowered fabric in an old stash, a twenty something year old stash. I had made a dress for Gracelyn's mother for Easter one year out of that fabric. She hated the dress, still makes comments about it regularly. Ever notice how out of all the good things that you did for your children, they only seem to remember the bad ones? I had to use a little piece of material in a dress for Gracelyn, just for old times sake. Shelby and Kendall, yours is coming next.

A couple of pieced tops, one for a baby quilt that I am going to keep on hand here, the other for a lap robe to give to the ladies at the church to finish.

And I thought that I would try a couple of table runners. These were so easy that I may make a few more of them.

And two more walker bags.

My sewing room is a disaster, but I am working through all the scraps that I have and having fun cutting them up. I actually had to put a new blade in my rotary cutter this AM. Wow, does that cut nice.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the spring weather. I know that we are, windows are open at work and best of all, the line from the sump pump is unfrozen and I can once again wash clothes! (and the sack of wool that I brought home from Goodwill the other day) Shhhh!


lisa said…
Your work is beautiful....Lisa
I am really enjoying this spring weather! How amazing is it that we can be outside without coats but yet still play in the snow?!
It's funny that you say that about your kids always remembering the bad stuff. My two daughters do that to me too. Rachel just told me not too long ago that when she was about 6, she secretly threw away a hat that she hated which I "forced" her to wear. It was the cutest little beret type plaid hat that went with a pleated plaid skirt. I don't remember "forcing" her to wear it.
Oh well, we did our best!
vicki said…
Cathy - are you my newest follower? Welcome,welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I am amazed at your talented sewing and creations - my Mother could always create like that. Me - not so much - I mostly knit. Count me in to visit you here also- I LOVE all the pictures of your beautiful fabrics. And - I love your grandma stories---

Meggie said…
Watch out for Tyler...he seems like a politician in the making. Your sewing projects are lovely!