Voted Most Popular

Voted Most Popular Girl at Dialysis. That would be my mother-in-law. She is passing out these bags to everyone there. I finished these up yesterday morning just in time for her to take a new batch in to hand out. Who would have thought that there would be such a great use to all those heavier fabrics? That is my justification for why I don't get rid of anything. Hoarder's Unite!


pammyjo said…
When do you sleep? You are my creative hero. Darling bags.:)
Love those bags!!! Is there a pattern coming?? LOL!!!
Suzanne said…
What a nice thing to do. I imagine she IS the most popular on the block! (Sorry to hear she is in dialysis -- not an easy thing.)
Laurie said…
I'm sorry your mother is going through this, my prayers are with her. Would love to see a tutorial on these as it would be a great addition to our nursing home Christmas bags!
Cute bags no wonder she is so popular:)

Lois said…
Is your mother-by-marriage up for adoption?!? LOL!