What a day!

If you read my previous post, I was perplexed as to what to make for lunch. I left it to what jumped out from behind the meat counter in the morning. It was burgers with some Italian mild sausage mixed in and lots of peppers and onions in sauce. I called them Fair Burgers. Pasta salad to go along with it. I am not much of a pasta salad girl, not really caring for Italian dressing much, but I made my own dressing and I really liked it. After I cleaned up the kitchen, I made a nice big pitcher of lime water. I love having this in the fridge, so refreshing and it makes a nice still life with these little lilies that jumped onto the belt at the check-out. So summery! I just know that summer and good health are just around the corner. Last night was the boys' sleepover and were they excited! They burst through the door naming everything that I had promised them we would do. Jumping and running and everywhere at once. Apparently their parents were not real happy that I had told them all this as early in the week as I had. Fun! I love grand parenting, it really evens the score for everything your kids put you through. Egg-dying with Grampa helping. I know that the pic is blurry, if you have ever tried to dye eggs with a four year old and a two year old, you would understand why.
And baking cookies. Sanitary issues aside on the bare feet and shoes on the counter, don't they look like they are having fun?

And we played race cars, and jumped through hula hoops and took Nana her special Easter Eggs, and played treasure chest in my button box, helped Papa make his pot of coffee, and got a bath and then this.... They look precious, I just look tired! Justifiable.


Suzanne said…
So cute. I love that last picture. Truly priceless!
A day well spent!!! It doesn't get much better, huh??
Ann said…
The picture of the boys sleeping on your lap is so sweet. It's hard to imagine them as balls of energy when they are sleeping and looking just soooo cute! ~Ann
pammyjo said…
What a treasure of a photo. Just precious. :)
Lois said…
Hi Cathy!
That last picture agrees with a statement that I am always making...esp. after my Cutie Patootie has been here for a day..or two: "There is a reason young people, not old people, have babies." Not that I am saying your old Cathy, but if your anything like me it takes two days to recover from a one day visit...LOL!
Our Cutie comes tomorrow afternoon and stays over until Friday. We too are doing egg colouring and cookie baking. As for the counters, CP claimed her area the first time she got up on it by herself. Her parents were horrified and Papa and I just laughed. I just love being a grandmother,don't you?
Have a very happy and blessed Easter Cathy and we'll "talk" soon.