I bring home a bug,

He brings home a CAT? I woke up Sunday morning not feeling the greatest. Yucky, tired, weak. Of course, my dear husband attributes this to menopause. Why not?
Break a fingernail?
Upset because he screwed up the checkbook?
Tired after a long day at work?
Wanting to scream bad words and stomp my feet if I hear the M word one more time?
I am getting really tired of everything being attributed to the turning of 50. By the way. it was almost two years ago now.
The bug really knocked me down. I missed work yesterday. That does not happen that often. Temperature, aching, and coughing. At one point, I was wanting to be checked for the swine flu. Is that still around? I think I had it.
Last night he shows up with this cat...and feeds it. Anyone else know what that means? I think we have a cat. We HAD a cat when we got married, well Dianna had a cat. Buddy. Buddy was the epitome of nasty cats. He would roam the countryside, he would um, er "fight', for lack of a better word. He would come back, bloody and beaten and he would lay down in MY chair everytime. When Buddy finally was declared missing for good, and I will be honest, several family members rejoiced, although I am not going to mention names, I realized what I missed about Buddy. All of a sudden we were overrun with chipmunks. Buddy must have been taking care of that problem for us. John thinks that the cat he brought home last night is the results of some of Buddy's "fighting". The cat followed him up the driveway just as Buddy used to. He wants a name for the cat...wait, I have the perfect name. Menopause.
We have knitting night again tonight at my house. I thought that I had better have an actual knitting project going. I am out of hats again and just had one of the places that I donated them to last fall tell me that they had kids wearing them all winter and how warm they were and I figured that I better get busy on more. Taking these pics made me realize that I also need to run the sweeper before knitting night also.
Finished these locker hook mug rugs. These are more fun than the big runner and do they ever work up fast. Fun to match the colors on them also.

And finished the runner that I was working on also. This is going into the Christmas bin. Wow, do I have a jump on that. There are two things in it already. I was going to have one for every month, what can I get done before the end of March so that I am caught up?

Back to work today. I can only imagine what a Tuesday morning, when I missed Monday will be like. Crazy!


Glad your feeling better and what did you finally name your cat? Hope it's an easy day today at work!

Cats we love them !! we have Florence who is sixteen soon . and rehomed to us recently Suzie who is about ten ish and has three legs due to an accident . + Micky who is wild but has been dining with us for about six years ,we also have we think his son turn up recently we call him Syd ..quite a family also we have a little Westie called Milly rehomed to us last year.. we have had cats since the children were Babies in the seventies and i cant imagine not having one when i met my alan in 95 a farmer they had twenty! not all lived indoors so i think he attracts them ! Kieren x
Lois said…
Oh my gosh Cathy, you really DO make me laugh! I hope you are feeling better soon. It's been almost 3 weeks and I think this bug is finally clearing up for me. (fingers crossed) As for your new cat, it is a cutie.
Why not call it Menno?
You'll know what it really stands for and will get to smile everytime you call the cat. LOL!
Get well soon and have a great rest of the week.
PS I didn't take time off work because I couldn't but I should have. I hope your office wasn't too badly bunged up when you got back there today.
Linda Cardella said…
Sorry to hear you're sick, Cathy. I hope that you're feeling better by now. I love the new kitty! And what does hubby think is the cause for those pants :o))??
vicki said…
Hilarious! - I can so relate! I will never forget the time my husband came in the house, his hands hiding something behind his back, and swishing back and forth was a solid white TAIL! He had found "Homer" at the nursing home where my husband volunteered and soon - it was going to be winter. You know the rest of the story---. We love that silly cat but I will always remember how that all came about! Your stories are great and I can relate to so much of what you write!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog as well. Your comments meant the world to me.

Jenny said…
I might have missed this but have you had hormone levels checked? It might save your sanity right now...and perhaps your husband repeating the "M" word every 12 seconds.