List for town.

Not that we live on the prairie or up in the mountains or anything like that, but I don't get to town very often.
"Town" is at least 12 miles away.
There is the closest town that has a few stores, a Goodwill and a Chinese Restaurant..
12 miles
There is the next closest town, a Goodwill, a Chinese Restaurant and a Walmart,
17 miles
Next is a Goodwill, a St Vincent de Paul, a Chinese Restaurant, a Walmart, and a couple of great junk stores.
22 miles
And next...a Goodwill, a Walmart, several Chinese Restaurants, a Michael's, a JoAnn's, a couple of shoe stores AND a Verizon Store.
35 miles.
Here is my conversation to JWS in the morning.
"I am wearing jeans and comfortable shoes to church because
I am leaving for town right after church"
and then the dreaded question he asks me...
"What are you going to town to get?"
My answer, casually:
"Oh, just a few things...
Michaels to use my gift certificate,
the shoe store for a pair of good shoes,
Laundry soap
Hair color
Verizon for a phone"
Really, the last four words were said muffled into my shirt as I pulled it over my head at a decibel level so low the FBI could not have picked it up on a listening device and my dear husband, who cannot hear me screaming two feet from his head if the Steelers are playing, zeroed in on those last four words as if they were the key to life, liberty and eternal happiness.
I have not been in a Verizon store in over two years.
Really, if the battery had not gone in my nice, tiny red flip phone,
I would not have been there for another five years.
As I see him also pulling on a pair of jeans, I know that he is going with me.
His comment
"You can't go to the phone store alone!"
Really, he is HORRIFIED!
Now, I know what is about to happen.
I know why he wants to go.
He wants me to have a SMART phone.
I would be happy with a battery, this phone is smart enough for me.
And it's red,
And I like it.
And I just want to get to town, get my list filled and get home and wash my clothes and color my hair.
Three hours and $523 later.....
I own this.
Mr. "I love my Blackberry, I would never change from my Blackberry, Droids are dumb, I'll just keep my Blackberry"
owns one also.
Although his is not purple.
Did I need a new technology to learn?
I don't think so.
But, the camera is cool,
the apps?
Oh my gosh, there is so much fun stuff!


You know what I forgot....

Yep, forgot the hair color and the laundry soap.
So today,
I will be a gray haired, dirty clothed, technology savvy 50+ year old.
When I go back to town tonight...
I have a phone again.
Call me.
(If I can just figure out what button to push to answer it.)


Connie said…
This gray haired friend knows exactly what you mean. Hubby thinks I should get a Blackberry too. Too expensive though when my little old phone works fine for me...LOL
acorn hollow said…
So funny we had this convestation at our house last night. We are up for new phones soon so what do we get. we are both low tec. So I am thinking a basic but we all know what happens when you get in a store.
congradulations on the new phone
bettyj said…
Read your post with my morning coffee and had a good chuckle.
betty, through my back door
Sheila said…
Oh Cathy, I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee, reviewing emails etc. and reading this post. I am LOL so hard, your situation is carbon copy of ours!!! Only thing is I still have my simple flip phone!!! We don't use our phones like the rest of the country, so guess we'll stay behind the times once again!
Sure hope you get your hair color and laundry soap today.......
Have a great day~
Debbie said…
I loved your post! *laughing* The closest town is about 5 miles from us but there is only a grocery store and gas station. If we go about 10 miles the other way, we hit Cape Girardeau. Much bigger and pretty well has most everything. I hate having to go into town because it always means I have DH tagging along. It makes it hard to go to Hobby Lobby or Hancocks.

Enjoy your new phone!
Debbie K
TheRustyThimble said…
LOL Love it, I had a blackberry and went back to a simpe phone OMG I hated that thing LOL. Good luck there is something new to learn on it everyday.
Loved your story! A good giggle to start the day! Prim Blessings! Robin
You are too funny!! I always love your posts. They make me smile.8-)
Have a great day with your new technology!!
Well... at least you have a cool phone to entertain you while you wait for your next trip to town! LOL!

Carmen and the Primcats
oh that is too funny... I am with you on having a simple phone... I am not a cell phone user but have one for my kids to get in touch if they need to. The fact that you forgot some of the stuff you went to town for makes me chuckle because that is something I would do....
Have a great Monday
lisa said…
Oh I laughed the whole time reading your post. Did you know Verizon is coming out with a new phone next month?? My Son works at Verizon and he wants us all updated to the newer phones...Thank goodness my contract isn't up till April. I like my phone that is simple. It's not a droid.. it isn't even a blackberry.. Dave keeps telling me you need a good one.. So who knows what I will be getting..He comes home with the newest and I try them and hand them back and say way to complicated for me..Now my hubby is itching to get the newest one.. Have fun learning all the bells and whistles.. Lisa
NancyD said…
What a great story to start my day! :) I could relate just like most of the other 50+ ladies out there! Ü Looks like a fun phone but I'm still behind and will always be too. Just figured out last night how to get pictures off of ours!!! I'm almost relieved that there are others out there that forget the things on their lists too!
Have a wonderful day!
Very funny Cathy!! You make me'll love the phone once you know how to use it...
oh you are too funny...we have walmart phones with paid for minutes..and we are happy as clams..we just use ours for emergencys having it when we are on the road.;) have silly grayed haired lady.;) jk....;)
Laurie said…
You're so funny Cathy! So when ya heading back to town!? Love the phone though.