Busy Hands

That really need to get busier.
The month is almost over!
Once again, I had these huge plans for January and what happened? It is almost gone and I still have orders that need done.
This board is for my Mom's Sunday School class.
Probably too much of this.
Knitting and Recliner time.

Last night, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I tried this.
There is a lot more wool laying on my end table.

You can be happy that I finally cut up the pink coat.

You see, I bought this coat at a yard sale more than several years ago.
Lots of wool.
The woman was horrified that I would cut it up.
It's not as if she was going to wear it any longer.
She refused to sell it to me unless I was going to wear it.
So I did.
I wore it a few times.
It was warm.
But really, it was a lot of pink.

So now.
It is going to be bowl fillers for Valentine's Day.
I am heading over to add a bunch of goodies to my selling blog
this computer will co-operate.
It has issues.

Watch for a giveaway.
Maybe tomorrow!


Laurie said…
I love the plaque Cathy, it's beautiful. The scarves are awesome! And I love the little bowl fillers, what a cute idea. Great use for the old pink coat!
your work is amazing Cathy.. I got my sheep box today, it is so BEAUTIFUL... Thank you so much
Eileen Bergen said…
I love those neck things! What do you call them? I could use a few right now. lol.
Ann said…
Cathy, I love the Psalm that you did for your Mom's class. It is one of my favorite Psalms and I LOVE the song. You really do make me feel like a slacker - and you're complaining about not getting enough done - stop that right now! LOL! ~Ann