Restful Sunday, with some great treats

It has been a Sunday full of treats.
First treat:
The Children's Church performed in church today.
Performance is the key word.
Tyler, second on in from the right had moves that have nothing on any rock star.
He jumped,
He flew,
He performed.
Logan (in the argyle sweater) was a little more laid back.
Not much,
but a little. Second treat:
Our pastor returned from the Dominican and brought coffee for me.
Nice of him?
Well I did whine a little about it.
About how I always brought coffee back for everyone when I went.
how no one brings me coffee any more.
Pays to whine sometimes.
I love the taste of this coffee.
Third treat:
A ladies Bible Study is starting at our church.
The woman starting it is someone that I really respect.
It is on Saturday and not a day during the week when I would not be able to attend.
Answer to prayer.
Fourth treat:
My mother in law's lasagna for lunch.
Enough said.
Fifth treat.
Home, quiet, some painting a little knitting, catching up on some blogs...
JWS just ground the beans and brought me a cup of the coffee.
Life is good.


acorn hollow said…
Well I would say that is a perfect day of joy
cottageprims said…
Sounds like a wonderful day! Warm Blessings!~Amy
Eileen Bergen said…
What a lovely day. Thanks for sharing, Cathy.

Next time I get to the States I'll bring you some coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico. I think it rivals coffee from anywhere in the world (including the Dominican Republic);-)
Laurie said…
Would have loved to see the kids sing! Your day sounds a lot less hectic than others you've shared! Glad you had a more relaxed day, Cathy!
SANDI said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!
Sounds like a wonderful day to me...
Sheila said…
Yes, it does sound like a restful day! How blessed you are. I love seeing the little ones involved in church activities-it truly warms my heart to know they are getting to know Jesus.
Have a wonderful week,
Hi Cathy - I just read your latest comment about the bunny challenge..and I could somehow use that pattern to make something out of wood and paint it - hey..whatever your mind can come up with it okay by me - that's the challenge of it all.

Good luck!!
Meggie said…
What a perfect day! Those children are darling!!
Meggie said…
PS: I'll be over for a cup of that delicious coffee.