Two posts in a day?

You betcha!
With a week like this, you have to post it while you still remember it!
So the week begins.
After not being in the shop for three days the week before there are the usual emails, phone calls,
messages, etc.
Work, calls, artwork, customers, etc.
Frozen water pipes at his mom's and plowing.
(Not gonna change places with him.)
Supper at the restaurant...we have no groceries.
I tell John, no matter what happens this week, I don't care if you work at the shop or not, just so I have Saturday off.
Work, calls, customers, billing, paperwork, etc.
Babysit Kendall at work.
Take Kendall back, get groceries.
Takes his mom to dialysis, haircut, gets his glasses fixed, etc.
I don't care if I have to work alone, just so I have Saturday off.
Work, phone calls, customers, fair messages, paperwork, etc.
Not sure, but he was in the garage for awhile working on screens.
It's ok if I work alone all week, just don't ask me to do anything on Saturday.
Work, phone calls, a couple of customers, more fair messages, paperwork, artwork, cut vinyl for shirts that will arrive on Friday. Logan and Jenn helping out in the AM.
Takes his mom to dialysis, gets his driver's license renewed, fair meeting, lunch with fair people, promises that TOMORROW (Friday) we will get the weekly work done.
It's fine that I have been here essentially alone all week, I just want Saturday off, PLEASE!
Work and this precious little baby arrives for a visit.
Plowing and fixing the broken snow plow.
And the shirts...but that is for later in the day.
(I just can't figure out how to move these pics around.)
The day is still showing signs of maybe getting something accomplished despite the snow plow issues.

These two arrive.
You see their look?
That was the look on my face when Chris (their Dad and firemen of the year)
shoos them out of the car and into the shop on his way to a fire call.
After the normal greetings.
Did your father get you lunch?
Do you have shoes?
Will you be wearing these snow boots for the duration of your visit?
and the big one...
Do you have on clothes under those coats or are you still in your pajamas?
Then I see it.
The deer in the headlights look on John.
His mom arrives.
She has not eaten,
she needs food.
while he is heating up the frozen pizza under the heater on the t-shirt printer
that is supposed to be printing t-shirts he looks at me and says the words that
almost get him killed.
Why don't you take the boys home for the afternoon
and just print those shirts
I think he knew he was in trouble.
This was waiting for me when I got home.
He was at another fair meeting.
I was finishing the shirts.

And you say,

"What happened between his mother's lunch and suppertime?"

Hide and Seek
Duck, Duck Goose
A trip to the Bent and Dent for way too much sugar.
More hide and seek.
Jenn, do those shirts.
Yes, Tyler that is a great app on my smart phone.
D is for Drive
N means you are going NoWhere
Yes, you can shift the gears only when Grandma is in the car.
Put your seatbelts back on.
Park the car,
get out,
untangle the seatbelt,
holding up traffic.
Get back in the car,
start to pull out,
Tyler, are you out of that seatbelt again?
Yes, this is the wrong way back to work
You took your seatbelts off so we are going back roads slow to get back.
Moon pies,
bubble gum,
more bubble gum.
Chewing gum is not don't swallow it!
Jenn did you get those shirts done?
another game of hide and seek,
See you later boys.
Jenn, put my phone down and take these boys home!
and as she is walking out the door I realize....
As I start into them,
I realize....
I cut all the numbers wrong!!!
About two hours later, I have everything cut, another two hours
I have everything pressed.
So far.

Comments tomorrow!!so far :)
Laurie said…
Whew Cathy, I'm exhausted now and need Saturday off!! I hope all goes well and you really don't have to work tomorrow!
Good evening, Cathy,
Oh, you sooo deserve the whole day to yourself tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend. ~Natalie
LibbiesHome said…
Holy guacamole, you deserve a whole week off after that round! Hope you are currently having an amazing day off! :)
Good morning Cathy,
I do hope you are reading this from home on this wonderful SATURDAY....

I so enjoy your posts...I feel like I walk in your shoes.
Now if that isn't a caring husband I don't know what one is....what a great dinner waiting for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog and always leaving such a nice message.

Kathy said…
lol... I sure hope you have today off...
SANDI said…
Hope you had a wonderful day off.