Why my hair is STILL gray

And my clothes are still not clean,
and I still have not fixed that zipper in my skirt
And of course, I have not packed yet.
This is the kitchen floor in the house that we are working on next door.
You may remember that saga....you may not.
Anyway, the carpet is coming for the living room on Thursday.
The floor needed laid.
And this is me.
JWS said that I need to show these pics.
Jenn said I would not post them when I was looking this bad.
Did she mean that with love?
We called this floor...
I had a vision.
The tile was inexpensive.
Bought at one of my favorite shops.

See those gray roots.
My body is feeling the pain of 4 hours in this contortionist position.

I love to lay tile...just wished I would have figured that out about 20...I mean 30+ years ago.
Like the hairdo?

And yes, I am a slob...that was the point that JWS was making with the pictures to begin with.
To be fair, these ARE my tiling pants and some of that mess is from previous jobs.
We have laid tile in our house,
in Shawnee's house,
in Jenn's house,
in Shelby's house,
in my Mom and Dad's house,
because of the condition of my pants and the subsequent mess that I bring to the job,
we will NEVER be allowed to lay tile in Dianna and Travis' house.
Seriously, he about had a stroke when I showed up to strip wallpaper.
My unique leveling technique.
These tiles were not as thick as the others.
A nice Hershey kiss of mortar and they leveled right out.
Unconventional...yes, but it worked.
And speaking of Hershey.
JWS and I are getting a nice long weekend away starting Wednesday.
The state fair convention is in Hershey, Pa.
Plus, I get to reconnect with a friend that I have not seen in many years.
Can't wait!

And as one final note,
John and I started this job together.
What was he thinking?
I drive him crazy on jobs like this.
A few tense words and I "suggested" that maybe he would be more effective doing my laundry.
Could be a long drive to Hershey.


Miranda said…
Now I know who to call next time that we need some tile done!!
Sheila said…
Looks like you are doing a fine job!
Hope you have a great weekend.
I feel your pain! Been there, done that, have the T-shirt! Good to see that you have some humor about all this. The floor is looking good. Did your sweetie ever do the laundry?
Wow, you are very talented on so many levels... that floor looks great.
Happy Tuesday
What a wonderful job!
I so enjoyed you showing the natural pics of you working!
What can I say we all look like that, I like natural, it is us! all messy & getting the work done!
Loved the post, yep loved it!
enjoy the day
SANDI said…
Wow you have many talents...I will all be woth it in the end. It's beautiful already...
Eileen Bergen said…
Too funny, Cathy. My you are one talented girl! My knees are aching just from looking at your photos.

P.S. No, I can't see the gray roots. lol.
Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
redesigngal said…
Hi: I just found your blog and love it! You have a way with words! Love, love, love your "work outfit" and have one very similar that the neighbors cringe at when I go outside!
You have a ton of talent. Please visit my blog: http://theoldefarmhouse.blogspot.com and become a follower. I am a follower on yours and will be back! Hugs to a real person, Joy
Gee Cathy that could have been a pic of me when I am working.8-) I have this one pair of sweats that have every color I have ever used on them.
The floor looks great!!
Have a great week-end away.
Looks like your doing a great job on the floor~and your pants too! Have a great time on your long awaited weekend. Prim Blessings! Robin
Lesley said…
Wow Cathy, the house is really taking shape. I have never tiled a floor but I have helped out putting shingles on the house. Kind of makes one feel good to say "I did that". You are one busy couple. Enjoy your get away and put all those stresses behind you.
I am sure John did a wonderful job on the laundry. LOL
Prairie Patch said…
Cathy, you can wear those pants and come tile my home any time!

Hope you're having a wonderful long weekend away!