Saturday, April 22, 2017

Progress and More Great Finds

If you haven't been to a 
Habitat for Humanity 
you don't know what you are missing! 
JWS was not totally impressed. 
He had the same look and 
that my girls have had over the years.
It goes like this:
We pull into this place, 
some out of the way. 
They have heard my chatter about this place
for the last 20 - 40 - 150 miles or so. 
And they look at me, 
shake their heads,
and say, 
"The places you drag us to..."
That's why Time Works has been great 
well actually,
it may have created 
group of 
Junk Junkies! 
Friends nonetheless.
Partners in Crime...
But they get it...
the need to dig through stuff for that FIND! 
Some of mine this week
have been the chair above
and the picture above it. 
And these lamps!  
Perfect for $30
Shades and all!  
Route 66 Bargain Barn is a great shopping experience
between New Bethlehem and Clarion! 
Another set of grapes
from a cute little shop in 
Leechburg, PA.
And you know, you can never have 
too many lucite grapes! 
As a matter of fact, 
I received a 
camp warming present 
of another set of 
beautiful blue 
lucite grapes last night.
This mirror from the ReStore
I think I will paint it white. 
it's not all decorating and camp. 
Logan represented 
Dayton Elementary 
at the Math 24 
competition this week. 
Was he ever proud of this medal! 
And last night a chair painting party 

They are looking fun! 
And this project is started. 
More on that later!  

Tyler's comment of last night. 
I have a Candyland game board hanging on the wall
in the kitchen. 
He is standing and staring at it. 
"Gramma, there is nothing NORMAL about this"
I say, 
"Tyler, look around, there is nothing NORMAL about any of this!"

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acorn hollow said...

We love the restore! We always check there before we start a project to see if we can get any of the supplies there.