Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another Day, Another Project

Aren't these apple blossoms pretty?
I love it when they bloom each year! 

One of yesterday's projects was to get this
bench put together in the hallway.  
I love it there but want to change
the pillow covers. 
I have something else in mind. 

Kamden and I did some yard work yesterday. 
This is the best view EVER! 
He couldn't wait until we got done to load
up the tractor
and take it for a ride. 

He convinced me to take the training wheels
off his bike yesterday. 
Wow, did he take off and ride then! 

Then we had an early supper 
at the park 
and he rode some more. 

I am battling 
killer cold right now. 
I could barely walk the circle at the park. 
Hoping today is better! 

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