Four Year Old Wisdom.

This kid..
cracks me up. 
He always has a story to tell. 
Wednesdays with Kamden,
I show him my camp.
He says, 
" But where are you going to cook?"

Too much logic there. 
I need to go and deliver.
I tell him to load up. 
He doesn't want to go. 
He wants to stay with Papa and Aunt Jenn. 
I tell him there might be treats.
Papa tells him there might be treats. 
He says,
"You can go much faster without me,"
I think he has heard that before. 
Finally the daily ritual when it is nice. 
"let's go out and sit in the grass and snuggle and wait on my mom"
How can you turn that down? 

And that's when he tells me,
"the policeman stopped my mom and gave her a piece of paper"

I love these kids! 


Ann Thompson said…
Oops, sounds like his mom was busted more than once lol